This is a special guest blog from Edie Goodwin who has written, directed and performed a youth theatre piece that aspires to tell the story of fracking in the UK.  They explains why they’re urging us all to respond to the ongoing public consultation in Scotland.

Because I give a damn.          

Because there is a beauty in the person standing next to you that gives a damn.

Because I want to be that person standing next to you.

And I want to have the honour of looking round and seeing that there’s someone standing next to me.

People standing next to people standing next to people.

I doesn’t matter how you choose to stand, what matters is that you are, that you are choosing to be counted.

I first heard about the consultation in December 2016. Twelve weeks later on the 26th of February a play called “What the Frack?” opened at Summerhall. This was my first play. Written, directed, set designed and built, sound and lighting designed – you name it, it happened in those twelve weeks. Twelve weeks of late nights, frustration, elation, though surprisingly few tears. “What the Frack?” is currently on tour across Scotland, we have done eight performances so far, with another seven or so before the end of May. 

This consultation is an opportunity.

An opportunity like never before.

The Scottish government is asking us to contribute, asking us to tell them what we think.

You have a guarantee that your voice is going to be heard.

When taking action normally the people you are trying to influence don’t really want to listen.

This time we are being asked to act.

As well as taking part in the consultation myself I knew that I wanted to be part of making it accessible to the general public, I felt that theatre was the medium through which I could best break down barriers.

Barriers of time – I perform for the “I haven’t got timers”. “What the Frack?” enables me to deliver the information people need to respond to the consultation in a memorable format and offer an opportunity for people to engage in the consultation all in under an hour.

Barriers of self-worth. As a society we have become very good deciding that our voice won’t count, we don’t matter and we won’t be heard.

The consultation guarantees that your voice will be heard.

And yes, you may only be one person, the part that you play may seem insignificant but whatever action you take – big or small – imparts a greater value, weight, and power onto the action of others.

For me part of taking action is having faith, faith that if you have the courage to step out and say:


Then you will be joined by others who seeing you realise what is possible.

Taking action inspires action.

Empowers others.

Once I was the person watching from afar – becoming empowered to take a stand.

Now I would like to pass that gift on.

In no way do I think that “What the Frack?” is going to ban fracking in Scotland. Far from it – it is but one piece in a much larger puzzle, one link in a much longer chain.

So please, take part in the consultation – but also let other people know that you have done so – pass the gift on.

Take this opportunity to stand.

Stand with those already standing and the crouching about to rise.

For the water we drink.

The air we breathe.

For this democracy.

This planet that we share.