Scotland should be a place where everyone has access to excellent cycling and walking paths. Travelling by walking and cycling means reduced pollution and carbon emissions, and brings benefits for our physical and mental health.

On our roads today, Car is King. 66% of all trips are made by car, and often people do not feel it is safe or convenient to walk or cycle. Only 1% of trips are made by bike in Scotland, compared with 27% in the Netherlands. A big reason for this is that Scotland’s cycle paths are not joined up in a safe, comfortable network of paths spanning core parts of towns and cities. The Scottish Government last year only spent £40 million of its £2 billion transport budget on walking and cycling paths. Meanwhile it poured £967 million into building new roads and motorways.

Working with others, we have been campaigning for all levels of Government in Scotland to invest 10% of transport budgets into walking and cycling. Edinburgh Council now invests 10% of its transport budget in cycling alone, and as a result levels of cycling are soaring and car journeys are down. We need other Councils and the Government to follow suit.

As a result of our campaigning with We walk, We Cycle, We Vote in the run up to the 2016 elections, Glasgow City Council’s SNP and Green Party promised they would invest 10% of their transport budgets into walking and cycling. We now need to see these promises turned into action!

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