Tell the Scottish Government to improve their Climate Change Plan

In 2019 People Power pushed the Scottish Government to commit to urgent climate action in the next decade. The Government has now produced an updated Climate Plan that is supposed to spell out the changes they will make to help deliver on these commitments.

Parliamentary Committees are currently scrutinising the Plan. Soon the Government will decide what should be in the final version.

We need you to show there is strong public support for a Plan that commits to bold and transformational action that benefits people and planet.

Below is an email action from our coalition partners Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to help you send a message to the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change. You can edit to include your thoughts about what should be in the plan, or consider our suggestions below. Or if you are short on time, just send it as it is.

Three things that Friends of the Earth Scotland are keen to see in this Plan and which you might want to highlight:

  • Stronger commitments to transition rapidly and fairly away from digging up and burning high-polluting fossil fuels. Investment should instead go towards creating green jobs and training in clean green jobs in zero carbon economy.
  • There is too much reliance on Negative Emission Technologies (NETs). Years of climate inaction has meant that governments are relying on false technologies like Carbon Capture and fossil hydrogen to cut emissions. This Plan is worryingly reliant on NETs which may not even materialise to meet targets.
    Instead we should be backing climate solutions that we know work today such as wind, solar and boosting energy efficiency in our homes.
  • More investment and credible plans for cleaning up transport. Transport is a high emitting sector which has made almost no progress for decades. We want to see far more affordable and accessible public transport options along with greater support for walking and cycling.

Please note: This is a Stop Climate Chaos Scotland action. If you complete it and give your consent, your data will be managed by SCCS.


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