We’re calling for Scottish organisations to stop putting their money behind fossil fuels. This page collects more in-depth resources about campaigns to divest in universities, local councils and more.

You can find out about local councils and the investments of the local government pension scheme on our Divest Local Government pages.

Additionally UNISON have published a report to accompany their own campaign for councils to divest which you can download here.

Our partner organisation 350.org hold many general purpose resources for divestment campaigns. Visit their site to find posters, films, guidance on using the media, political tactics, and much more.

Here are some other general divestment resources:

Divestment isn’t just about local government. People in Scotland have been campaigning for fossil free universities, churches and more:

The UK Parliament pension fund has significant investments in fossil fuels. The Divest Parliament campaign has secured pledges from a number of MPs to divest. More than half of Scottish MPs have signed incuding all the MPs in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In 2015 we raised concerns about the investments of the Scottish Parliament pension fund. You can read about the investments of their fund in this blog. The issue was also covered in the news by the Ferret and Common Space.

Students have been campaigning for Fossil Free universities since 2013 with the University of Glasgow the first university in Europe to pledge divestment. This campaign continues to be driven by student network People & Planet, who publish a league table that exposes university’s fossil fuel investments. Journalist Rob Edwards has also exposed Scottish universities investments in fossil fuels. After the University of Edinburgh pledged to divest in early 2018 almost half of Scotland’s universities had made commitments.

A number of campaigns have questioned the role of fossil fuels in sponsoring the arts and major events in Scotland. The Edinburgh International Science Festival has received funds from a number of mining and oil and gas companies. In 2015 arts group BP or not BP protested at the Edinburgh International Festival leading to BP being dropped as a sponsor that winter: a major victory. The campaign went on to put pressure on the Portrait Gallery’s hosting of the BP Award, and fossil fuel sponsorship of the Edinburgh Science Festival has also been questioned.

We are continuing to compile case studies of fossil fuel companies that hold significant investments from Scottish organisations:

Looking for more information about the investments of a public organisation? Run a Freedom of Information request using www.whatdotheyknow.com.