Want to learn a bit more about fossil fuels, climate change, and the campaign to go fossil free in Scotland?

We’ve pulled together this list of excellent short films you can watch right now:

Wake Up Freak Out

By Leo Murray, 12 minutes, 2008

A short animated film exploring climate change and why is climate action so urgent.

Raise a Paddle: Trailer

By 350.org, 2 minutes, 2017

Short clip about what happened when Pacific island activists visited the highly polluting tar sands in Canada.

The Shutdown

By Alan Bisset and Adam Stafford, 10 minutes, 2009

A short film featuring a poem about the on-shore oil industry in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Just Transition

By ReelNews, 26 minutes, 2018

A short film about climate justice, green jobs, and Scotland’s transition away from fossil fuels.

Scotland bans fracking!

By Friends of Earth Scotland, 2 minutes, 2017

A short clip telling the story of what happened the day Scotland banned fracking.

Desmond Tutu on Climate Change

By Divest:Invest, 4 minutes, 2014

A short clip calling us to action on climate change with some ideas for action.

What is Fossil Free? Why Divest?

By 350.org, 2 minutes, 2015

A short animated clip that gives a neat introduction to fossil fuel divestment.

Divest Health

By MedAct, 13 minutes, 2016

A short film introducing what medical workers are doing to take action for climate justice.

The Office for Just Transition

Climate Action Scotland, 2 minutes, 2016

A short clip telling the story of a protest to shut down a North Sea oil lobbying group.

BP out of the Edinbugh International Festival

By BP or not BP, 2 minutes, 2015

A short clip about the succesful campaign to stop the Edinburgh International Festival accepting sponsorship from the oil company BP.

New York City is divesting!

By 350.org, 3 minutes, 2018

A short clip celebrating New York City’s divestment from fossil fuels and the annoncement that the City will sue big oil.

Walthamstow and Southwark are fossil free!

By Platform, 2 minutes, 2017

A short clip celebrating fossil fuel divestment victories in local councils in London.

Along with the feature ‘Divest! Have you Heard from Johannesburg?’ some of these films were shown at a film night organised by Divest Lothian and People & Planet Edinburgh called ‘Challenging Money & Power’.

Find out more about fossil fuel divestment on our website.

  • This post was updated with new films added in February 2018.