Climate science is clear that to limit dangerous climate warming to 1.5ºC there can be no new oil and gas fields anywhere on earth and a rapid wind down of oil and gas production.

Public pressure forced the Scottish Government to change their position just before COP26 – saying that they no longer support ‘endless extraction of fossil fuels’, but they are still not opposing new fields.

The UK Government is helping fossil fuel companies to drill for every last drop of North Sea oil and gas – despite its devastating climate consequences. As a nation that built its wealth on fossil fuels, the UK must act faster.

New projects must be stopped and existing oil & gas fields wound down this decade.

Governments should instead be planning a transition away from fossil fuels that is both rapid and fair to workers and communities affected by this necessary change.

Shell pulls out of Cambo

People power has forced the oil giant Shell to pull out of the proposed Cambo oil field!

This comes after Cambo faced months of fierce opposition and scrutiny from the public, climate groups and politicians.

This a big win for the campaign but the work isn’t finished yet.

Watershed Report

The UK has increased oil & gas reserves by 800 million barrels since declaring a climate emergency

Our new report shows how there must be no new oil & gas developments if we are to meet our climate goals.

Instead we must phase out fossil fuels and protect workers through the transition

Avoid greenwashing

Big polluters are pushing new technologies like Carbon Capture and fossil Hydrogen.

These ideas are trying to greenwash their image and will actually prolong the life of oil and gas.

We must oppose these false solutions to the climate emergency.