two people painting 'no more fossil fuels' message on an oil drum

The climate science could not be clearer – to limit dangerous global heating there can be no new oil and gas fields anywhere on earth.

Together we can stop new oil and gas projects and begin a rapid phase out of existing fossil fuel production.  We must build a fair and fast transition to nuclear-free, 100% renewable energy that creates decent green jobs.

To ensure a liveable future for everyone, we must urgently stop climate-wrecking oil and gas.

We must keep the oil in the ground

Governments are encouraging fossil fuel companies to drill for every last drop of North Sea oil and gas – despite its devastating climate consequences.

The oil and gas industry wants to extract billions of barrels of oil in UK waters in the coming decades.  But the volatile fossil fuel energy system is failing the planet and pushing millions of people in fuel poverty.

For a society powered by renewable energy

We are working to end this political and financial support, to challenge their greenwashing and to hold polluters to account for the harm they are causing.  Action must be taken to speed the shift away from fossil fuels.  As a nation that built its wealth on fossil fuels, the UK must act fast.

There can be no new fossil fuels if we are to meet our climate goals.  Our governments must rapidly scale up renewable energy and create decent green jobs.

What we are doing

  • We revealed that UK oil and gas reserves have increased since declaring a climate emergency in 2019
  • Along with our allies, we forced oil giant Shell to pull out of the controversial Cambo oil field near Shetland
  • We’re putting pressure on the Scottish Government to end their support for fossil fuel companies.

How we are making progress

  • Public pressure forced the Scottish Government to end their support for ‘endless extraction of fossil fuels’, but they must go further and actively oppose plans for new fields
  • Though we must keep up the pressure, we’ve helped spearhead the Stop Cambo Campaign – a new alliance of activists, campaign groups and experts working together for a great victory
  • With fossil fuel companies facing unprecedented pressure for their obscene profits and their role in destroying the climate, we’ve been key in keeping the issue in the media and in public awareness.

We need to overhaul our energy system to end our dependence on profiteering oil and gas companies. It’s time to rapidly scale up investment in renewables and energy efficiency while winding down fossil fuel production to create affordable renewable energy for everyone.

Caroline Rance, Climate Campaigner


Friends of the Earth Scotlands response to the Grangemouth Inquiry

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The Role of the Scottish Government in the Phase Out of Oil & Gas

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified this decade as our last chance to make the “rapid and deep emissions reductions” required to limit warming to 1.5ºC. At the same time, our current energy system, which is delivering billions in profits to oil and gas companies every year, is pushing millions of people in Scotland into fuel poverty. This means that a rapid, yet just, transition away from fossil fuels to clean, affordable, renewable energy is an urgent necessity. 

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Rosebank MSP Briefing

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Rising Energy Prices and the Cost of Living Crisis

There is an urgent need for intervention to provide immediate support to people hit by the
cost of living rises as well as to drive a rapid overhaul of our energy system away from fossil fuels towards publicly-owned, affordable renewable energy to prevent both social and climate crises in the future.

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Onshore conventional oil & gas call for evidence – FoES response

A position of no support for onshore conventional oil and gas extraction must therefore be adopted, and enforced through the licensing regime and the new National Planning Framework 4.

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Hydrogen Briefing

Following the publication of the Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Action Plan, this briefing gives an overview of the different types of hydrogen production and considerations for their use in Scotland

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Related work

We talk to offshore workers and communities about how they can be supported through the transition to clean renewable energy.

We’re resisting industry-backed technologies like carbon capture and hydrogen which only prolong the life of fossil fuel companies.