We are facing a climate crisis, with people around the world feeling the deadly effects of climate breakdown.  It is only by tackling the root causes of the climate crisis can we help build a better future.

A rapidly warming climate is putting our ability to grow enough food at risk, increasing political instability and wiping out tens of thousands of plant and animal species.  We are working for the necessary transformation of our economy and energy systems to secure a liveable future for all.

Another world is possible. Tackling the root causes of climate change gives us a chance to stop its worst impacts and create a fairer and more equal society.

Climate justice for all

Our climate is being dramatically changed by the burning of fossil fuels and destruction of nature.  For too long, Governments and big business have been putting profits for a small group of people above our collective rights to a safe planet.

The impacts of extreme weather are being felt first and the hardest by those who have done least to cause the problem.  But people across the world are organising together to stand up to big polluters and demand climate justice.

For a fairer, greener society

Transformative action is needed across all parts of our economy if we are to meet our commitments to cut climate pollution.  In Scotland, we are working to reduce our use of fossil fuels, make transport greener and cut the impact of the things we buy.

We must also recognise that multiple crises and injustices of past and present – hunger, poverty, racism, sexism, classism, nature collapse – share the same drivers and the same solutions as the climate emergency.

What are we doing

  • We are supporting communities and groups to campaign on the issues that matter to them
  • We are pressing the Scottish Government to live up to their climate targets and to end their spending on polluting projects
  • By exposing the over-reliance on dangerous distraction technologies like Carbon Capture and Hydrogen, we are demanding urgent action to cut pollution at source
  • We participate in UN climate conferences, both inside and outside, with international allies to campaign for international climate justice and fair, people-led solutions to this crisis.

How we are making climate progress

  • Groups are taking action to challenge fossil fuel companies and their dangerous expansion plans
  • People Power helped improve the Scotland’s climate law to set higher targets for action
  • Scores of organisations came together to demand that our recovery from the pandemic to help set us on a course to a greener, fairer society
  • COP26 was a powerful moment that showed the breadth of the climate movement as 150,000 people marched through Glasgow.

The climate crisis is being driven by over-consumption by the rich, particularly in the global north. But hope remains because the science also shows that another world, with decent standards of living for all, is possible.

Mary Church, Head of Campaigns
rich country pay debt

Related work

Almost all of our work is guided by the need for urgent climate action. Across a range of campaigns we are pushing decision-makers to go further and faster in cutting climate pollution whilst improving lives.

Climate Emergency road sign outside Holyrood