Scottish money is fuelling the climate crisis.

Divestment is about freeing our communities, institutions and government from the power of fossil fuel polluters.

Grassroots campaigning around the world has led to thousands of organisations worth trillions of pound committing to divest from fossil fuels. In Scotland twelve organisations have committed to go fossil free.

This is a great start but there’s much more to do to. Take action on divestment and help us ensure Scotland’s future is fossil free.

Local councils invest £1.2 billion in fossil fuels

Towards fossil free local government

The majority of Scotland’s local councils have declared a climate emergency, but all still invest climate polluters through their pension funds. Concerted action from politicians, pension fund members and communities can make the change for divestment.

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Ask your Scottish Parliament candidates to divest Scotland

Take Action Now

In 2018 Ireland became the first country to divest from fossil fuels and in 2020 the Welsh Parliament divested. As Scotland prepares to host the UN climate talks ask your future MSPs to stand up for justice and support an end to investment in climate polluters.

Email your Scottish Parliament candidates

Help with your campaign

Do you need help, guidance or resources to get your campaign up and running?

Interested in taking action for divestment? Our resources page includes how-to guides, briefings, useful for people in universities, faith groups and other institutions.

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