Investment in a sustainable future has never been more urgent. We must break our financial ties with fossil fuel polluters.

As long as our banks, pensions and institutions continue to invest billions upon billions in fossil fuels, we are banking our future on their success.  Divestment is about freeing our communities, institutions and governments from the power of fossil fuel polluters.

Grassroots campaigning around the world has led to trillions of pounds divested from fossil fuels.  But there is more to do.

Where investors put their money reflects their expectations of how the future will unfold. Those expectations, when acted upon, shape our future.

Our bet counts

If investing in fossil fuels is a bet on these companies succeeding, divesting is the opposite. The more organisations that commit to divesting from fossil fuels and move away their money, the worse the odds will be that the companies are going to do well. This could mean that banks are less willing to lend them money and it will ultimately become more difficult for them to run their businesses.

Money for the future

When investors remove money from fossil fuel companies, they can choose where to reinvest it. This means more money to support companies that will benefit communities at the same time as creating financial return.


What we are doing

  • Researching where large pension funds in Scotland are invested
  • Building power in local communities to put pressure on councils to divest their pension funds
  • Briefing decision makers on how they can take action
  • Calling out hypocrisy of fossil fuel sponsorships.

Recent successes

  • Glasgow Councillors have voted to back the Strathclyde Pension Fund’s divestment from fossil fuels
  • 40 MSPs from across different parties have signed the Divest Scotland pledge
  • Hundreds of people took to the street’s for November’s Divestment Day of Action.

Local authorities have the power and duty to ensure local workers have a pension for their retirement, but also a future worth retiring into.

Ric Lander, Divestment Campaigner