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Creating a Just Transition away from fossil fuels

25th March 2021, by Richard Dixon

The Just Transition Commission’s report must be seen as a strong and urgent agenda for action by the next Scottish Government.

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Making sense of waste

18th March 2021, by Richard Dixon

Scotland is going backwards on waste and the rush to incineration threatens to lock us into a low-recycling, high-carbon, resource-wasting future.

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Ten years since Fukushima nuclear disaster

11th March 2021, by Richard Dixon

New nuclear power is never worth the risk.

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What role is there for Hydrogen in our energy future?

8th March 2021, by Richard Dixon

It takes lots of energy to produce hydrogen - so we should only be using hydrogen for things where electricity can’t easily do the job.

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Safer streets are slowly on their way

25th February 2021, by Gavin Thomson

The Scottish Government is finally backing 20mph and safer streets - years after blocking action in Parliament

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Climate plans get a grilling

25th February 2021, by Richard Dixon

Pressure is on politicians to deliver Climate Plans that take the action necessary.

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How £1.2 billion of Scotland’s savings are fuelling the climate emergency

23rd February 2021, by Ric Lander

Scottish Council Pensions are still investing in major polluters - with devastating consequences for communities, climate and their finances.

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What’s next for Scotland’s circular economy?

22nd February 2021, by Sarah Moyes

Almost a year after Scotland's Circular Economy Bill was postponed, we look ahead to what's next for Scotland's transition to a circular economy.

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Tackling traffic can help take us where we need to go

16th February 2021, by Richard Dixon

Reducing traffic can make our towns more liveable and boost climate fight.

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