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Why the new Scottish Parliament must kick-start our transition to a circular economy

28th April 2021, by Sarah Moyes

Developing opportunities for businesses working on a circular economy in Scotland would reduce our contribution to the climate crisis.

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Rest and Resistance: workshops for young people aged 16-30

26th April 2021, by Catrina Randall

Read about Young Friends of the Earth Scotland's new lineup of digital events for young people aged 16-30 with an interest in social and climate justice.

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Scotland’s new MSPs should commit to free bus travel

22nd April 2021, by Gavin Thomson

Free bus travel is an idea which is spreading rapidly and growing in popularity. Election candidates should commit to making it happen in Scotland in the next Parliament.

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Young people put party leaders in the hot seat over climate change

22nd April 2021, by Admin

Skye Thain (17) from the Young Friends of the Earth Scotland steering group offers her personal view on the recent Youth Climate Debate.

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Japan’s outrageous radioactive waste plan

22nd April 2021, by Richard Dixon

A decision to dump Fukushima’s radioactive waste water in the Pacific is causing outrage in Japan and beyond.

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Celebrating progress for the environment in the past 5 years

18th April 2021, by Richard Dixon

It is worth pausing to remember that the last five years have seen some remarkable progress.

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Have your say on South Lanarkshire’s new incinerator

14th April 2021, by Sarah Moyes

Viridor are proposing to build one of Scotland's biggest incinerators in South Lanarkshire.

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Torry residents want to protect beloved local park from industry-led unjust transition

12th April 2021, by Kate Whitaker

Locals want to save their irreplacable wild green space before its turned into an industrial site.

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The Climate Emergency Election

1st April 2021, by Richard Dixon

This election must be about creating a green, wellbeing economy and generating the green jobs we need to transition away from fossil fuels.

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