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The Climate Strikers return to demand a Green Recovery

22nd September 2020, by Richard Dixon

One year on from the historic Global Climate Strike, young people are pushing for a Green Recovery that delivers the necessary climate action.

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Coronavirus proved our waste and recycling workers are key, now let’s protect them properly

21st September 2020, by Sarah Moyes

Recycle Week is recognising the sacrifices that key workers and citizens have made to keep recycling going.

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Mind who you work with – Aberdeen Council forms climate partnership with BP

16th September 2020, by Richard Dixon

BP's is still looking for more fossil fuels - why is Aberdeen Council asking it for advice on cutting climate emissions?

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Zero carbon homes pledge brings triple benefits

8th September 2020, by Richard Dixon

By focusing urgent action on our energy use at home we can quickly create new jobs, improve people’s lives and tackle climate change.

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Scottish Government must now get down to work on Green Jobs

2nd September 2020, by admin

Looking at what's in the Scottish Programme for Government.

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Hunterston nuclear reactor restart isn’t worth it

1st September 2020, by Richard Dixon

End is in sight for nuclear power station but the owners EDF will cash in by running their risky reactors for another 6 months.

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Harnessing Scotland’s climate example

25th August 2020, by Richard Dixon

Scotland can use the United Nations system to push other countries to act faster on climate

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Good green jobs at Alexander Dennis under threat

21st August 2020, by Ryan Morrison

Retaining, and expanding, these kinds of jobs are essential for Scotland’s economy and combating climate change.

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It’s time for Scottish Government to produce their vision for the green recovery

4th August 2020, by Richard Dixon

The Government's response to their Advisory Group must reject its business-as-usual approach.

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