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Campaign stories: Edinburgh University goes fossil free (finally!)

12th February 2018, by Ric Lander

The successful five year campaign to divest Edinburgh University from fossil fuels should give heart to people everywhere who are campaigning for climate justice in their communities.

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Revealed: Scotland’s most polluted streets

21st January 2018, by Emilia Hanna

Research reveals most polluted streets and confirms air pollution remains a public health crisis plaguing Scotland.

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Will 2018 truly be the ‘Year of Young People’?

20th January 2018, by admin

While young people across Scotland are fighting for their future, our efforts are being undermined by decision makers.

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New York City is taking on the fossil fuel industry

12th January 2018, by Ric Lander

New York City, the World Bank, and major European investors have started exiting fossil fuels this winter. Could this be the big shift we've been waiting for?

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What are your climate goals for 2018?

1st January 2018, by Caroline Rance

Looking ahead to a huge year of campaigning as we seek to secure a zero-emissions Scotland.

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2017: what we achieved

13th December 2017, by Richard Dixon

Looking past Trump and Brexit, 2017 was a fantastic year for progress in protecting Scotland’s environment.

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For decent work and climate justice

8th December 2017, by Matthew Crighton

This event during the Bonn climate conference allowed environmentalists and trade unionists to work out their shared agenda for a Just Transition to a low carbon economy.

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9 reasons why Scotland’s bus sector needs a shake-up

1st December 2017, by Emilia Hanna

With a bus sector in crisis, we are urging the Government to give local transport authorities greater powers over the sector.

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Is change in the air for Scotland’s transport?

27th November 2017, by Emilia Hanna

A look at promises and progress across transport in the last six months.

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