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The planet’s laboured breathing

14th January 2020, by Richard Dixon

As the planet gasps, fires around the world are a warning of what may become the new normal. They must be a wake up call.

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Three Planet Living

7th January 2020, by Richard Dixon

We've only got one planet and we need to treat it more gently if we want to survive.

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Can the law save the planet?

31st December 2019, by Richard Dixon

A very important legal case in the Netherlands shows the power of the law in protecting the planet.

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Europe’s environmental crises

24th December 2019, by Richard Dixon

A hard-hitting official report reveals the depth of Europe's climate and nature crisis, and suggests much-needed ways forward.

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What People Power achieved in 2019

18th December 2019, by admin

Highlights from our campaigning to protecting our climate and environment in 2019.

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The battle for Scotland’s new public bank

17th December 2019, by Ric Lander

Will this Bank lead the transition to a zero carbon economy or take a business as usual approach?

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Europe and the climate

17th December 2019, by Richard Dixon

The European Union is trying to regain the leadership it once had on climate change ambition by launching a Green Deal.

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Corporate-captured climate talks ignores peoples’ demands for climate justice

17th December 2019, by Mary Church

Key fights at the UN climate conference COP25 in Madrid show Governments fighting for fossil fuel companies rather than a liveable future.

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Campaign stories: looking back at Glasgow University’s fossil free first

11th December 2019, by Ric Lander

Ric Lander speaks to Živilė Mantrimaitė and Miriam Wilson about their role in the seminal campaign to divest Glasgow University from fossil fuels.

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