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What’s going on with Scotland’s Climate Bill?

6th June 2018, by Caroline Rance

The Scottish Government’s new Climate Bill has been unveiled. It is hugely disappointing.

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Edinburgh Science Festival should cut it ties to fossil fuels and nuclear power

22nd May 2018, by admin

If Edinburgh’s Science Festival wants to celebrate life it should cut its ties with fossil fuels and nuclear power

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Growing support for a net-zero climate emissions Scotland

22nd May 2018, by Caroline Rance

The publication of Scotland’s new Climate Change Bill is imminent, and calls are growing for a net-zero target.

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Fracking in Limbo following INEOS legal challenge

19th May 2018, by Mary Church

Scotland's fracking ban was recently challenged in court - what happens now?

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Learning about intersectionality and climate change

15th May 2018, by admin

Understanding and implementing an intersectional approach to climate justice in Scotland

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Strong language on the final day of fracking challenge

10th May 2018, by Mary Church

The third day of INEOS and Reach CSG’s judicial review of the fracking ban drew to an early close, and with it, the substantive hearing as a whole.

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Dancing around handbags in the Court of Session

9th May 2018, by Mary Church

Day 2 of Ineos and Reach CGS’s judicial review of the ban on fracking

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INEOS legal challenge of fracking ban opens in Court

8th May 2018, by Mary Church

Ineos' judicial review of the Scottish Government’s ban on fracking opens

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Forty years of campaigning

2nd May 2018, by Richard Dixon

Looking back on 40 years of Friends of the Earth Scotland.

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