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Record-breaking weather shows the climate is changing fast

7th January 2022, by Richard Dixon

In Scotland the warmest Hogmanay on record was followed by the hottest New Year’s Day.

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Official advisors call for more detail on Scotland’s climate plans

30th December 2021, by Richard Dixon

Climate advisors take tough new line with the Scottish Government on their plans.

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Bikes for Christmas but nowhere to ride

27th December 2021, by Admin

Campaigners are calling for safer streets for cycling after many kids have received bikes as Christmas presents but don’t feel safe to get out on the roads. 

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Business trying to delay energy transition away from fossil fuels

23rd December 2021, by Richard Dixon

The industry has realised they are losing the argument badly and things are about to get serious.

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Young people and climate action in 2021

21st December 2021, by Catrina Randall

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland (YFoES) network coordinator Catrina reflects on a huge year for the Scottish climate movement, and how young people fought for change.

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Was COP26 a success?

21st December 2021, by Mary Church

In terms of its negotiated outcomes it's hard to view COP26 as anything other than a resounding failure, but here in Scotland and the UK, we can ensure that the legacy of the summit is a movement fit for the fight of our lives over the decade ahead.

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What happened at our COP26 Just Transition Hub?

17th December 2021, by Ryan Morrison

The Just Transition Hub, organised by Friends of the Earth Scotland, Platform, STUC, TUC, War on Want and the Just Transition Partnership.

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Reflections on COP26: a story of two extremes

16th December 2021, by Admin

Rona Hardie from the Young Friends of the Earth Scotland steering group reflects on her experiences during COP26 as a Scottish young person.

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How to cut your consumption this Christmas

16th December 2021, by Kim Pratt

The pressure to buy stuff is everywhere at Christmas, but you don't need to spend money to celebrate. Here are some tips to have a more personal holiday that's better for the planet.

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