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Discussing a Just Transition for workers in Aberdeen

20th September 2018, by admin

UCU hosted a seminar to discuss the potential for a transformation that protects workers.

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Royal Bank of Scotland: 10 years of climate campaigning

14th September 2018, by Ric Lander

Creativity and crises over the last 10 years of the publicly-owned polluter.

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Environmental films at Take One Action Festival

4th September 2018, by admin

The environmental highlights from the Glasgow & Edinburgh screenings.

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Scottish Councillors urged to divest pensions from fracking firms

3rd September 2018, by admin

Councils are profiting from an industry that isn’t permitted in Scotland.

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On the frontline of climate change in the South Pacific

27th August 2018, by admin

There were no climate change sceptics in these island communities.

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Shell’s 50th anniversary in the North Sea – 50 years of climate change

13th August 2018, by Richard Dixon

Is there really much to celebrate as Shell reach 50 years of working in the North Sea?

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What the U.K.’s weather is telling us about the climate

1st August 2018, by Richard Dixon

Warmer, wetter weather is sending us very clear signals that our climate is changing in major ways.

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Climate deaths in UK will treble, MPs warn

26th July 2018, by Mary Church

A shocking 7,000 people will die in the UK each year by mid century from the impacts of heat unless governments take meaningful action to combat climate change.

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Scorching summer shows the reality of climate change

24th July 2018, by Caroline Rance

This summer’s heatwave might have brought some often wished for sunshine to Scotland, but it's not all fun in the sun.

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