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Climate deaths in UK will treble, MPs warn

26th July 2018, by Mary Church

A shocking 7,000 people will die in the UK each year by mid century from the impacts of heat unless governments take meaningful action to combat climate change.

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Scorching summer shows the reality of climate change

24th July 2018, by Caroline Rance

This summer’s heatwave might have brought some often wished for sunshine to Scotland, but it's not all fun in the sun.

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Breaking the power of fossil fuels: divestment at work

22nd July 2018, by Ric Lander

Divestment is giving companies a bad name and provoking productive debates within institutions.

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Pressure builds for a legal ban as fracking licence extended

10th July 2018, by Mary Church

Scottish Ministers have extended a fracking licence in the central belt for 12 months

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Celebrating 40 years of campaigning

9th July 2018, by admin

We celebrated our 40th anniversary in the sunshine with our amazing members and special guests.

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What I learned on a climate tour of Scotland

4th July 2018, by Caroline Rance

People across Scotland are playing their part in tackling climate change, now it's time for our politicians to step up.

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Fracking: When is a Ban a Ban?

21st June 2018, by Mary Church

What the Ineos court defeat means for fracking in Scotland.

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Don’t believe the hype – Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone proposals are not progressive

13th June 2018, by Emilia Hanna

Their LEZ proposals are too slow, not strong enough and fail to push bus companies.

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What’s going on with Scotland’s Climate Bill?

6th June 2018, by Caroline Rance

The Scottish Government’s new Climate Bill has been unveiled. It is hugely disappointing.

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