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The end of the road for fracking in Scotland

4th October 2019, by Mary Church

The Scottish Government finally confirms a position of 'no support' for fracking.

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Plastic and climate change: the true cost of our throwaway culture

4th October 2019, by Sarah Moyes

The more plastic we make, the more dangerous climate emissions we release.

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Energy choices for the climate

1st October 2019, by Richard Dixon

As we seek to reduce climate emissions even faster we are in serious danger of backing the wrong horse.

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How to divest a nation from fossil fuels

27th September 2019, by Ric Lander

In 2018 Ireland became the world’s first country to divest from fossil fuels. Could Scotland follow?

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People Power delivers increased action in the Climate Bill

25th September 2019, by Caroline Rance

Public pressure forces Scottish Government to urgently do more to tackle the Climate Emergency

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Battles lines are drawn for climate fight at Parliament

24th September 2019, by Richard Dixon

What we do in the next decade is much more important than where we are aiming in the long term.

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Turn the energy of #ClimateStrike into action in the Parliament

20th September 2019, by Caroline Rance

Lets turn the enthusiasm and hope of #ClimateStrikes into concrete commitments that will shape climate action in Scotland for years to come.

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Just days left to improve the Climate Bill

16th September 2019, by Caroline Rance

On Wed 25th September, MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will pass a new Climate Change law. We need your help to improve it before it's too late.

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Oil fantasy

10th September 2019, by Richard Dixon

The oil industry is pushing 'disingenuous nonsense' with it's net zero claims and the false solution of Carbon Capture & Storage.

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