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We need a plan fit for a Climate Emergency

3rd September 2019, by Richard Dixon

Will we see a truly radical plan to deliver a jobs-rich, healthier Scotland that meets its international climate responsibilities?

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Why we’re supporting the Global Climate Strikes on 20th September

30th August 2019, by Caroline Rance

We're taking to the streets to join the climate strikers demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. 

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Climate change is the biggest threat facing my children, that’s why I’m taking action

29th August 2019, by admin

As a researcher, I know what to call this: an unprecedented intergenerational injustice. As a mum, I’m terrified.

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Don’t forget the people of the Amazon

27th August 2019, by Richard Dixon

The Amazon fires are a disaster for the environment. But they are even worse for the people who live there.

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Good COP, Bad COP – UN Climate Conference comes to Glasgow

20th August 2019, by Richard Dixon

Richard thinks the 2020 UN Climate Conference coming to Glasgow is both a very exciting and rather terrifying prospect.

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Grouse moors and climate change

13th August 2019, by Richard Dixon

The climate emergency means that the management of all the peat-rich grouse moorland in Scotland will have to change radically.

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Planning Scotland’s transport future in a climate emergency

6th August 2019, by Gavin Thomson

The new National Transport Strategy must put limits on our damaging travel habits.

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25 years of environmental campaigning

6th August 2019, by Richard Dixon

Richard reflects on what has changed in 25 years of environmental campaigning

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Green jobs: for justice, and the planet

29th July 2019, by admin

Will you help deliver green jobs for Scotland?

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