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The renewable energy revolution continues in Scotland

26th May 2020, by Richard Dixon

We should power straight through our 100% renewable energy target, investing in storage and sharing it with our neighbours.

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Making Polluters Pay

19th May 2020, by Richard Dixon

The lessons the legal system needs to learn from the Mossmorran flaring saga

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The Fight for Recovery

12th May 2020, by Richard Dixon

Government's must use this chance to intervene for the better, rather than letting polluters and financiers write the recovery plan.

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Never too early to engage with planning

5th May 2020, by Richard Dixon

Scotland’s National Planning Framework will determine much about what developments will happen over the next 10 years

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Coronavirus and the plastic industry

1st May 2020, by Sarah Moyes

As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we see a resurgence in single-use plastics and waste beginning to pile up.

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Tough times for Big Oil

28th April 2020, by Richard Dixon

The UK and Scottish Governments should set oil and gas production firmly on a trajectory to its end over the next decade, with an accompanying Just Transition strategy.

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Meanwhile, around the world the Climate Emergency continues

21st April 2020, by Richard Dixon

Whilst the coronavirus has dominated the news, climate change impacts are being felt around the world with rising temperatures, locust storms and wildfires

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Planning for a Climate Friendly future – have your say!

17th April 2020, by Mary Church

Scotland's new Planning Framework will shape where we live, work and play, as well as our response to the Climate Emergency.

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A Green Recovery or the same old crap?

14th April 2020, by Richard Dixon

People are talking about getting back to normality but was 'normal' really so great?

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