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Scottish Labour’s drift towards nuclear power

21st October 2021, by Richard Dixon

Calls for new nuclear power are rearing their ugly head again including from Scottish Labour, who blocked nuclear in Scotland 16 years ago.

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Support the COP26 strikes – they show us the power we need to tackle climate change

20th October 2021, by Ryan Morrison

In their fight for fair pay and proper investment in essential services, these workers are demonstrating the power that we must build everywhere to tackle the climate crisis at its roots.

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Will COP26 change Scotland’s transport system?

18th October 2021, by Gavin Thomson

COP26 should've provided the impetus to change it, but Scotland's transport system is still miles away from where we need it to be.

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COP26 and the problem with over-consumption

15th October 2021, by Kim Pratt

Over-consumption is pushing our planet to breaking point. COP negotiations need to stop rich countries from outsourcing emissions.

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It’s a consensus: the public want urgent action

14th October 2021, by Richard Dixon

The public know their actions matter, but they also know governments and politicians need to take the lead in delivering meaningful action.

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Going Green in Africa

7th October 2021, by Richard Dixon

Despite its huge renewable energy potential most African countries are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. It’s time to turn that around.

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China ending support for coal must hasten its demise

30th September 2021, by Richard Dixon

Until now Chinese state finance has been crucial in building coal plants across Africa.

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Climate change could impact Scotland’s drinking water

23rd September 2021, by Richard Dixon

New research shows how a changing climate will harm Scotland’s peatlands spelling trouble for drinking water supplies.

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New report is a watershed moment for the transition away from UK oil and gas

15th September 2021, by Caroline Rance

New research has found that the UK has increased oil & gas reserves since declaring a climate emergency

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