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Can councils change our energy system?

16th April 2022, by Ryan Morrison

There are councils in Scotland forging a new way to manage energy by investing in renewable energy projects.

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How can councils tackle the carbon impact of waste?

12th April 2022, by Kim Pratt

If we want our waste systems to be more sustainable, Scotland needs to move to a carbon-based targets rather than the current weight-based system.

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Why council elections are crucial for the climate crisis

11th April 2022, by Malachy Clarke

Local authorities play an important role in tackling the climate crisis, so these elections are going to be significant.

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Richard Dixon steps down after decade at helm

31st March 2022, by admin

Richard Dixon leaves Friends of the Earth Scotland as Director after one of the most successful in the organisation's 40+ years history.

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30 years of progress is still not enough

31st March 2022, by Richard Dixon

Reflections on 30 years in the environmental movement - looking at welcome but insufficient progress.

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Warnings from a warming planet

24th March 2022, by Richard Dixon

Record-breaking temperatures at the poles and warnings about Amazon rainforest tipping point show a planet in danger

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What war in Ukraine means for energy

17th March 2022, by Richard Dixon

The terrible war in Ukraine is being used by opponents of green energy to promote more oil and gas, new nuclear and even fracking. None of which makes the slightest sense.

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Climate Change – it’s worse than you thought

10th March 2022, by Richard Dixon

The latest IPCC climate report warns of the impact of rising temperatures on billions of vulnerable people around the world.

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The idiocy of climate compatible oil and gas

3rd March 2022, by Richard Dixon

The UK Government's plan is a scam designed to enable business as usual for oil and gas drilling.

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