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Political rhetoric on climate change is improving, but political action is lagging behind

1st July 2019, by Caroline Rance

The Scottish Government declared a Climate Emergency but failed to seriously increase action in the next decade.

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Transport Bill continues its journey of highs and lows

1st July 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Looking at the good, the bad and the (f)unfair as the Transport Bill progresses through Holyrood Committee.

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Tackling the climate and nature crises together

25th June 2019, by Richard Dixon

We need to make sure that need climate and nature solutions work in tandem, and that we do not forget people.

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2045 and all that

18th June 2019, by Richard Dixon

Changes in how Scotland measures climate emissions means that we must set ambitious targets to ensure we're making enough effort in years ahead.

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Motorways vs Nature

11th June 2019, by Richard Dixon

How news of a motorway plan being turned down in Wales gave hope to villagers at the other end of Europe.

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Highlights from the Youth Strike for Climate

29th May 2019, by admin

Check out just some of the social media highlights from the May 24th Youth Strike for Climate around the world.

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Ignoring the science can’t protect you from climate change

28th May 2019, by Richard Dixon

Trump's ignoring the science of climate change wont protect people or help prepare for a hotter, drier future.

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Making the Just Transition real

28th May 2019, by Richard Dixon

UK and Scottish Governments need to do more to ensure the jobs and benefits of the energy transition stay in the UK.

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Solidarity with frontline communities at the BP AGM

21st May 2019, by Caroline Rance

Oil giants BP held their global AGM in Aberdeen, so we went along with indigenous and climate activists to call time on their harmful activities.

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