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Hydrogen comes in many colours but none look like the right climate choice

12th January 2021, by Richard Dixon

Scotland is debating the role of hydrogen technology in our future.

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Reliance on Fossil Fuel CCS cannot solve climate crisis, new research shows

11th January 2021, by Ryan Morrison

Despite huge government and industry backing CCS cannot be expected in the energy sector until the 2030s, risking 1.5oC during the crucial next decade.

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Lessons from the Braer disaster

5th January 2021, by Richard Dixon

Braer Oil Spill Anniversary reminds us of the danger of the fossil fuel industry

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2020, whisky and climate change

29th December 2020, by Richard Dixon

How strong whisky helped Scotland's efforts to persuade the world to act on climate change

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Forward and back on climate

22nd December 2020, by Richard Dixon

Good climate commitments are being undermined by UK and Scottish Government faith in far-off technical fixes.

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No going back – the fight for a just, green recovery

18th December 2020, by Caroline Rance

By working together, connecting our issues and learning from each other we are building a movement for a better future.

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Fossil fuel industry spills money and power in year of tumult

18th December 2020, by Ric Lander

2020 was a tough year to be a climate activist. Fortunately for the planet, it was an even worse year for the fossil fuel industry.

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Why did I become a divestment campaigner?

17th December 2020, by admin

Lewis Coenen-Rowe, activist with Divest Strathclyde, discusses how campaigning has helped him overcome 'eco-stress' and build connections with others.

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Fossil fuel production means we’re breaking climate records

15th December 2020, by Richard Dixon

Failure to plan a speedy transition away from fossil fuel use pushes up climate emissions and global temperature rises.

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