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Fossil of the Day

10th December 2019, by Richard Dixon

The awards are given to countries or groups of countries which have been particularly obstructive or disingenuous in the climate negotiations.

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Young people and climate action in 2019

9th December 2019, by Catrina Randall

Our Young Friends of the Earth Scotland network coordinator Catrina joined in January 2019. She reflects on the past year of the network and what has been achieved.

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We can’t buy our way out of the climate crisis

9th December 2019, by Mary Church

Carbon markets are being pushed by big corporations at the UN climate talks, but decades of experience tells us they won't cut emissions.

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How to have a plastic-free Christmas

6th December 2019, by Sarah Moyes

From wrapping paper to plastic packaging, it can feel like there’s no escaping the mountain of plastic that comes with the festive season. However, our top five tips to help you cut down on plastic this Christmas.

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Who would the climate vote for in this election?

4th December 2019, by Fergus Boden

Comparing the Party Manifesto's promises on climate and the environment.

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Rich countries must pay their climate debt

4th December 2019, by Caroline Rance

We all know that the rich countries and big polluting corporations who have contributed most to the climate crisis must be the ones to cut their emissions first and fastest. But we talk less often about the financial debt that they owe.

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Climate tipping points

3rd December 2019, by Richard Dixon

Scientists are sounding the alarm about the risk of passing climate tipping points, leading to ever more dangerous impacts.

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Black Friday: the rise of consumerism and pollution

29th November 2019, by Admin

Our Plastic and Circular Economy Campaigner, Sarah, explores some of the environmental impacts of Black Friday.

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Key issues at the 2019 climate talks

28th November 2019, by Mary Church

A look ahead at the big issues at the UN climate talks in Madrid, 2-13 December.

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