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Joe Biden and the climate talks

17th November 2020, by Richard Dixon

The role of the United States in the UN Climate Talks will be crucial, as it always is, for good or bad.

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Gas imports clash with fracking ban

10th November 2020, by Richard Dixon

A French energy giant has abandoned a 7 bilion dollar deal to import fracked gas from the US due to climate concerns.

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Disaster or hope on climate

3rd November 2020, by Richard Dixon

There are positive signs of change in climate action around the world, including in the most unexpected places.

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Brexit’s threat to the environment

27th October 2020, by Richard Dixon

Key safeguards are subject to fierce disagreement and standards are under threat from Trade Deals.

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EU-Mercosur Trade Deal threatens the Amazon

20th October 2020, by Richard Dixon

Trade Deal will increase imports of beef, dairy, soy and ethanol to Europe - leading to big companies trashing more of the Amazon rainforest.

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Plastic free periods: the growing inequality issue

19th October 2020, by Sarah Moyes

During this week’s Environmenstrual Week, we’re looking at how plastic free periods are a growing inequality issue.

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Just Transition for people and the climate

13th October 2020, by Richard Dixon

Our research shows oil and gas workers must be consulted on the transition away from fossil fuels.

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Making the connections between poverty and pollution

8th October 2020, by Gavin Thomson

During this year’s Challenge Poverty Week, we take a look at the links between poverty and air pollution. 

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The twilight of the oil industry

6th October 2020, by Richard Dixon

Opposition to oil increases, from outside the industry to those workers thinking about going elsewhere.

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