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Will 2021 be the year of two COPs?

7th April 2020, by Richard Dixon

Delay to COP26 must mean all parties can join and that progress is made in cutting emissions.

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Air pollution reductions from coronavirus have come at a huge social cost

6th April 2020, by Gavin Thomson

Any pollution falls may be temporary, unevenly distributed and there was no intention to even achieve this.

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Young FoES Online Skillshare

4th April 2020, by Catrina Randall

Young Friends of the Earth Scotland are moving their skillshare online! Check out this lineup of digital events.

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Coronavirus and the climate

31st March 2020, by Richard Dixon

There is no "good news" for the environment from the Coronavirus shutdown.

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We need a #JustRecovery from Coronavirus

27th March 2020, by Admin

The recovery from this virus must support the transition to a healthier, fairer future for all.

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Positive actions you can take during the Coronavirus shutdown

25th March 2020, by Admin

Practical suggestions to help your mental health, support others and feel a little more in control of the situation.

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Whose Science Centre is it anyway ?

24th March 2020, by Richard Dixon

Richard examines the row over the venue which could play a key role at the UN climate talks in Glasgow.

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Coronavirus Statement

19th March 2020, by Admin

Friends of the Earth statement on Coronavirus plus an update on planned face to face meetings.

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Carbon pipe dreams

17th March 2020, by Richard Dixon

The new Climate Plan risks relying on a dodgy technology called BECCS - Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture & Storage

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