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Planning Scotland’s transport future in a climate emergency

6th August 2019, by Gavin Thomson

The new National Transport Strategy must put limits on our damaging travel habits.

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25 years of environmental campaigning

6th August 2019, by Richard Dixon

Richard reflects on what has changed in 25 years of environmental campaigning

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Green jobs: for justice, and the planet

29th July 2019, by admin

Will you help deliver green jobs for Scotland?

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Our environmental recommendations for the Edinburgh Festival

24th July 2019, by admin

Top tips for climate-themed shows, including theatre, comedy and a reading of 'the most important climate report in history.'

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No future for nuclear power

2nd July 2019, by Richard Dixon

The politics of Scotland mean that new nuclear reactors here are almost unthinkable and the price of the renewable energy alternatives have fallen way below the cost of nuclear.

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Political rhetoric on climate change is improving, but political action is lagging behind

1st July 2019, by Caroline Rance

The Scottish Government declared a Climate Emergency but failed to seriously increase action in the next decade.

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Transport Bill continues its journey of highs and lows

1st July 2019, by Gavin Thomson

Looking at the good, the bad and the (f)unfair as the Transport Bill progresses through Holyrood Committee.

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Tackling the climate and nature crises together

25th June 2019, by Richard Dixon

We need to make sure that need climate and nature solutions work in tandem, and that we do not forget people.

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2045 and all that

18th June 2019, by Richard Dixon

Changes in how Scotland measures climate emissions means that we must set ambitious targets to ensure we're making enough effort in years ahead.

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