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Eco Ableism and the Climate Movement

29th July 2021, by Catrina Randall

As Disability Pride month draws to a close, Young Friends of the Earth Scotland’s (YFoES) Access and Inclusion Working Group share their thoughts on eco ableism and the climate movement.

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#StopCambo campaign gathers momentum and support

22nd July 2021, by admin

Public and political support for stopping a climate-wrecking oil field is building.

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European climate moves could endanger poor households

22nd July 2021, by Richard Dixon

Europe's plan to cut climate emissions have set alarm bells ringing for environmentalists concerned about the poorest

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Oil workers blocked from transition by training chaos

16th July 2021, by Ryan Morrison

A just transition is vital, winding down the extraction of fossil fuels while ensuring the people who work in the industry and surrounding communities who depend upon it, are not left behind.

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We must stop the UK Government from approving more oil

15th July 2021, by Richard Dixon

Oil giants are seeking permission from the UK Government to open a huge new oil field. The climate impacts of this project would be devastating.

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Space and the environment – the rocket scientists are on the case

8th July 2021, by Richard Dixon

The space sector contributes to our understanding and management of the environment but is now turning attention to its own environmental impact.

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Why Scotland needs an Environmental Rights Centre

5th July 2021, by Mary Church

This new institution will help use the law to protect the places and people they care about

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Will the SNP introduce a moratorium on incineration?

24th June 2021, by Richard Dixon

The Scottish Government needs to put a moratorium on incineration until the review is complete.

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The Great Net Zero Con

17th June 2021, by Richard Dixon

Governments and companies are perpetrating a global con trick by talking about net zero climate emissions.

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