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Glasgow still has time to make history before COP26 by divesting from fossil fuels

3rd June 2021, by Sally Clark

Campaigners are urging councillors to agree on strong climate standards and a clear divestment timeline.

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Climate change catches up with the oil industry

3rd June 2021, by Richard Dixon

The court said that Shell’s plans were incompatible with the action needed to tackle climate change.

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Reflections on ice

27th May 2021, by Richard Dixon

New research has shown the rate and impact of melting glaciers and icesheets. We look at how this will affect people and the planet.

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Can legal action stop climate change?

20th May 2021, by Richard Dixon

Can the courts bring decisive action to end our extraction of fossil fuels? Three activists take the UK Government to court for its support of the industry.

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The next 5 years for Scotland’s environment

13th May 2021, by Richard Dixon

What did the SNP manifesto promise on climate change and the environment?

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Time to deliver low-carbon, warm homes for everyone

6th May 2021, by Richard Dixon

The next Government needs to deliver low carbon, warm homes urgently. Retrofitting and insulating homes will be a winner for people, jobs and the planet.

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Nuclear power – 35 years on from Chernobyl

29th April 2021, by Richard Dixon

Since Chernobyl only three reactor projects have begun in Europe, all being built by the French state-owned company EDF.

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Why the new Scottish Parliament must kick-start our transition to a circular economy

28th April 2021, by Sarah Moyes

Developing opportunities for businesses working on a circular economy in Scotland would reduce our contribution to the climate crisis.

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Rest and Resistance: workshops for young people aged 16-30

26th April 2021, by Catrina Randall

Read about Young Friends of the Earth Scotland's new lineup of digital events for young people aged 16-30 with an interest in social and climate justice.

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