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How much is your Council spending on safer streets?

23rd July 2020, by Gavin Thomson

We reveal the disparity in what Councils are spending on creating space for safe social distancing.

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Using coronavirus as cover for forest destruction

21st July 2020, by Richard Dixon

Governments are backing short-term economic approaches with disastrous long-term consequences for nature, climate change and local communities.

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Saving the planet starts at home

14th July 2020, by Richard Dixon

Rishi Sunak didn’t give us a green recovery but his one green element was the right one for climate change, for jobs and for the quality of people’s lives.

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How fracking in America makes Scotland the home of plastic production

7th July 2020, by Sarah Moyes

As global plastic production increases, we look at where all the plastic is actually coming from.

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How one woman stemmed the tide of period pollution

2nd July 2020, by Sarah Moyes

Find out more about the End Period Plastic Campaigner Ella Daish.

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When you’re in a hole, it’s time to stop digging

30th June 2020, by admin

UK and Scottish Governments want maintain the fiction that you can extract as much fossil fuels as you like and still claim you are serious about climate change.

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Join the #BuildBackBetterScot Day of Online Action

24th June 2020, by admin

This needs all of us to make a huge noise that cannot be ignored.

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Climate triple whammy as Scotland misses target

23rd June 2020, by Richard Dixon

Science sends us yet another climate warning as Scotland misses our targets for action.

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Will bioplastics solve the problem of plastic pollution?

17th June 2020, by Sarah Moyes

As we rush to replace fossil fuel based plastics with alternatives, we look at whether bioplastics are actually as environmentally friendly as they claim to be.

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