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How climate change could unleash zombie viruses and increased stupidity

12th November 2019, by Richard Dixon

One of the most unexpected risks from climate change is the small but real danger of diseases from the past arriving in the present as permafrost melts.

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Why last minute relocation of UN climate conference is a disaster for many

5th November 2019, by Richard Dixon

Last minute switch of the UN Climate Conference from Chile to Spain risks excluding Latin American and other Global South voices.

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Clean energy’s dirty side

29th October 2019, by Richard Dixon

Mining for materials used in renewables should not threaten human rights.

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Don’t be scared of waste this Halloween

28th October 2019, by admin

Laura offers helpful advice on how you can cut down on waste this Halloween

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Chilean activist reveals Scottish finance’s role in ongoing unrest

25th October 2019, by admin

Lucio Cuenca explains how mining firms - part-owned by Scottish pension funds - are destroying the environment in Chile

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Help improve Dundee’s Low Emission Zone

22nd October 2019, by Gavin Thomson

A step-to-step guide to answering the consultation on Dundee's Low Emission Zone.

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Brexit threat to the environment

22nd October 2019, by Richard Dixon

Our environmental progress could be under threat if we leave the European Union.

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Circular Economy targets needed

15th October 2019, by Richard Dixon

Scotland has a very good reputation for our circular economy thinking but now is the time to make the idea a reality.

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Will the Transport Bill take us where we need to go?

10th October 2019, by Gavin Thomson

The Bill gives Councils new powers to cut pollution and climate emissions.

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