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Just Transition for people and the climate

13th October 2020, by Richard Dixon

Our research shows oil and gas workers must be consulted on the transition away from fossil fuels.

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Making the connections between poverty and pollution

8th October 2020, by Gavin Thomson

During this year’s Challenge Poverty Week, we take a look at the links between poverty and air pollution. 

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The twilight of the oil industry

6th October 2020, by Richard Dixon

Opposition to oil increases, from outside the industry to those workers thinking about going elsewhere.

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Low Emission Zone could bring clean air to Aberdeen – but it needs your help

1st October 2020, by Gavin Thomson

Take 5 minutes to have your say on Aberdeen's plans for a Low Emission Zone that aims to tackle air pollution in the city.

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What makes you an activist?

30th September 2020, by Admin

Norman and Steph talk about why they got involved in campaigning in their communities.

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What made you want to get involved in activism?

29th September 2020, by admin

We talk to experienced activists about their work and how People Power Network can help others get involved in their own communities

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The climate blame game ignores the fact wealthy countries are slow to act

29th September 2020, by Richard Dixon

Less wealthy countries are often climate scapegoats but analysis shows their ambition is greater than rich nations.

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One year on from Scotland’s new climate law – what action have we seen?

25th September 2020, by Caroline Rance

What progress have we seen in the year since people power forced politicians to increase their climate commitments?

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Why we can’t recycle our way out of the climate crisis

23rd September 2020, by Sarah Moyes

We must keep pushing for systemic changes to tackle the problem of plastic at its source.

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