Climate change means we must urgently shift away from oil and gas.

Workers and communities currently reliant on the fossil fuel industry must be empowered to shape this transition to ensure it is fair.

With public control of energy we can take power away from profit-driven oil and gas companies.  With the right support and investment decent green jobs can be created as we move to renewable energy.

Ending our dependency on fossil fuels is an opportunity to replace our broken energy system with one that prioritises people and planet, instead of profit.

Workers must be at the heart of our transition

The experience and skills of offshore oil and gas workers is crucial to building the renewable energy we need.  Work in the fossil fuel industry has been insecure and precarious for years, with worsening pay and conditions for many.

Offshore workers tell us that they would consider leaving the sector if the right opportunities existed. The UK and Scottish Governments must ensure communities and workers most affected by the transition are at the heart of planning this change.

An energy system powered for us all

Our research has shown that three times as many decent green jobs can be created as currently exist in the oil and gas industry.

The transition away from an economy based on fossil fuels is an opportunity to create a better society and protect the poorest from climate impacts.  If the transition is led by people and communities, they can ensure it is truly fair and meets their needs.

What we are doing

  • Working with trade unions on industrial policies that can deliver a fairer, greener economy
  • Speaking to offshore workers about their experiences and hopes for the future
  • Helping communities in the North East to organise and lead the call for an energy transition that meets their needs, grounded in publicly owned renewable energy sources
  • Putting pressure on politicians to provide the certainty of an end date to fossil fuel production to shape transition plans.

How we are making progress

  • Pushing the need for a Just Transition up the political agenda
  • Getting Offshore Training Passports discussed in Parliament
  • Building momentum for worker-led transition plan
  • Strengthening connections and support between climate and trade union activists.

Related work

Our calls for a just transition are part of a wider campaign on fossil fuels.

We are also working for an end to exploration and drilling for oil and gas in UK waters.

The fossil fuel industry backed ideas of Carbon Capture and Storage and Hydrogen are delaying tactics to stop the end of new oil.

Working with partners we can ensure a fair deal for workers and communities