Our campaign successes include:

  • A ban on fracking in Scotland resulting from over 60,000 responses to the Government’s consultation! 
  • Government pledge to phase out sales of fossil-fuelled vehicles by 2032
  • A commitment by the Government to set up a Just Transition Commission and a Scottish National Investment Bank
  • Plans to implement Low Emission Zones in Scotland’s four biggest cities by 2020 (with Glasgow’s to be in place before the end of 2018)
  • A doubling of the walking and cycling budget to £80m a year
  • A ban on underground coal gasification in Scotland
  • A new Clean Air Strategy for Scotland and a commitment to Low Emission Zones
  • Stopping a new supermarket being built on Edinburgh’s most polluted street
  • Doubling the target for community renewable energy from 500MW to 1GW
  • RBS stopping funding extreme Mountain-Top Removal coal extraction
  • Forth Energy giving up on its plans for big biomass power stations in Leith and Dundee
  • Stopping a new coal-fired power station in Ayrshire
  • A change in Scots law on who has the right to have a case heard in court
  • The 2009 Scottish Climate Act – the best piece of climate change legislation in the industrialised world
  • Scottish Government backing for no nuclear power stations or GM crops in Scotland
  • Stopping plans for a super-quarry on the Isle of Harris from going ahead
  • Scotland’s first law for Freedom of Information
  • Increased public participation in planning
  • A zero waste policy in Scottish Government
  • An organic food and farming action plan
  • Increased recycling provision
  • Tougher rules on opencast mining
  • Better strategic environmental assessment

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