The science could not be clearer – to limit dangerous climate breakdown we must stop burning fossil fuels.

Together we can stop the Scottish Government from approving a new gas-fired power plant in Aberdeenshire. Our people-powered movement can halt this climate disaster just like we stopped the fracking industry and fought against the Cambo oil field.

Help stop Scotland's biggest climate polluter getting even worse.

We must stop new fossil fuel infrastructure

Energy giant SSE and the fossil fuel company Equinor are asking for permission to build a new and additional gas-fired plant next to the existing gas-fired plant at Peterhead power station in Aberdeenshire.

These plans would make Scotland’s biggest climate polluter even worse. It will produce huge emissions for the next 20 years or more, when we need to rapidly cut emissions.


Fossil fuels are driving the cost of living crisis

New gas power would lock Scottish households into the volatile fossil fuel energy market for years to come. Renewable energy is already much more affordable and can deliver bigger benefits to our climate and communities.

The Scottish Government are deciding now on whether this reckless plan can go ahead. We need your help to make it impossible for Scottish Ministers to approve this climate disaster.


The whole Peterhead plan is built on the rotten foundations of carbon capture, which is a technology with a long, inglorious history of repeated failures. Experience shows us that carbon capture, if it is ever added, will not work at the rates promised by industry, and risks us falling even further behind our climate targets.

Alex Lee, Climate Campaigner