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New campaign calls for buses to be taken back into public control

Trade unions, environmental and health charities have launched a campaign today calling for buses in the Strathclyde region to be taken back into public control.

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Campaigners call for incineration loophole to be closed

Local community groups and environmental campaigners have written to the Scottish Government calling for the it to “close the gaping loophole” and immediately stop plans for unnecessary incinerators being built in Scotland. 

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women in front of Stop Rosebank rose wall

Rosebank approval shows ‘climate denial’ from UK Government

The approval comes despite the mounting climate crisis and scientists’ repeated warnings that the use of fossil fuels must be significantly reduced this decade. 

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Edinburgh march calls for fast and fair transition away from fossil fuels

Climate campaigners march through Edinburgh to demand the UK and Scottish Governments develop a plan for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels.

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Scottish Climate March to Join Global Day of Action Against Fossil Fuels

The march will demand a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels, to support the workers and the communities most affected.

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Four fringe performers dressed as pirates with swords hold two placards urging Humza Yousaf to 'Speak out against Rosebank'

Fringe visitors call on Humza Yousaf to ‘get off the fence’ on Rosebank oil field

Hundreds of attendees and performers at the Edinburgh festivals sign a letter to the First Minister about the controversial field.

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‘Underwhelming’ Programme for Government – warm words won’t stop a warming planet

This is an underwhelming programme for more of the same when what is needed a radical change that can speed Scotland away from fossil fuels.

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Scottish Parliament

First Minister urged to put fossil fuel phase out at core of Programme for Government

There is no more time to waste with timid climate politics.

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Campaigners call for Octopus Energy to stop funding polluting incinerator

Local residents and environmental campaigners have criticised Octopus Energy for funding a new incinerator being built in North Ayrshire in Scotland.

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