Dundee City Council are consulting on their plans for a Low Emission Zone. Lochee Road – persistently one of Scotland’s most polluted roads – has not been included in the draft plans, which is outrageous.

We need to send a clear message want ambitious action on air pollution in Dundee. This means including all air pollution hotspots in the Low Emission Zone, and ensuring the most polluting vehicles are restricted.

Guide to the consultation

We have provided some recommended answers to the 15 questions below. When you click this link – Dundee LEZ – you will be taken to the Dundee City Council consultation page. It should only take a few minutes and will be a big help in the fight for clean air.

The consultation presents different options for the zone. Option C – which includes all vehicle types with no exemptions – is the best option of those on offer. All other options include exemptions that will undermine the zone and will not clean up the air. We need Option C, but the Council need to extend it along Lochee Road.

Questions 1-7 ask you personal information. 
8. Yes
9. Yes
10. C
11. C
12. C
13. C
14. The Low Emission Zone must include Lochee Road. This has been one of the most polluted streets in Scotland for many years, consistently breaching legal limits for diesel pollution. Not including Lochee Road in the zone is unfair to residents who have to breathe in illegal, toxic air. I support Option C, with an extension of the zone into Lochee Road and the surrounding area.
15. As short as possible, to ensure improvements to air quality happen quickly.


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2 thoughts on “Help improve Dundee’s Low Emission Zone”

  1. Rachel says:

    In the furure we will look back in disgust that we polluted the air so badly in the inner cities where so many people are affected.

  2. R D Govan says:

    Solving this problem should not be difficult for a forward looking Council like Dundee give it your best shot. Listen to your voters, clean up your patch, clean up the planet.


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