This month the average annual energy bill will be £2,500, forcing tens of thousands of households in Scotland into fuel poverty. Both the climate and cost of living crises are being driven by fossil fuels.

A phrase that appeared during the Covid-19 pandemic still holds true – that while we are all in the same storm, we are not in the same boat.

In these challenging times it can be hard to know how best to help. So many causes ask for our attention, including the many incredible charities dedicated to serving those most impacted by the energy crisis – and we should support them however we can. 

But there are relatively few that are working to tackle these pressing issues at their root. This is what we do.

system change not climate change banner at COP26
‘System change not climate change’ banner at COP26. Credit: Jonathan Salariya/ FoE England, Wales and Northern Ireland

With you by our side, our small, dedicated team are working hard this autumn to:

  • Influence the new Scottish Energy Strategy to secure a rapid and fair transition to reliable, affordable renewable energy within the next decade to take us away from volatile fossil fuels and provide real energy security
  • Push the Scottish Government to use every tool available to oppose the reckless plans for new North Sea fossil fuel licences and the proposed oil and gas fields at Rosebank and Jackdaw, which, if they go ahead will only fuel climate breakdown
  • Advocate for home insulation programmes to bring down bills, create green jobs and ensure that every home is warm
  • Organise public events and activities around COP27 so we can all stand in solidarity with campaigners in Egypt and around the world.

By making a donation to Friends of the Earth Scotland today – giving only what you can – you will be enabling our work of advancing the big systemic changes that are needed to secure a decent, liveable planet for all.  If you find yourself for whatever reason unable to give at this time, please remember this – your membership and past support are invaluable. You are with us as we do our work. 

On behalf of the team please stay safe and warm.

Thank you signature from Friends of the Earth Scotland team