Action Hillhead  and Glasgow University Climate Action Society are calling for urgent action to tackle air pollution on Byres Road and beyond through a new petition.

If you are a Glasgow resident, please sign the petition now.


The Byres Road/Dumbarton Road Pollution Zone has been in force for over eight years so residents are demanding new measures to clean the air

Byres Road/Dumbarton Road has been a designated Pollution Zone for years, but traffic levels remain high and local residents continue to worry about the effect of air pollution on their health and on the climate.

Over 300 people die early from exposure to fine particle air pollution in Glasgow every year – that’s more than twenty times the number of people dying in road crashes.

The petition calls for:

  •  An up-to-date, revised Transport Strategy for the city which ensures that at the very least that air quality legal limits are met by April 2017 on Byres Road.
  •  Establishment of Low Emission Zones in Glasgow as a matter of urgency.
  •  Extension of electric car plug in points to include Byres Road
  • The introduction of specific measures to reduce traffic volumes on Byres Rd.
  •  The introduction of pilot schemes in Glasgow to restrict traffic at school entrances for daily start and finish times

Sign the action on air quality petition now

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Glasgow University’s Climate Action Society helps launch the petition. Photo credit: Tessy Troes