With 7.1 million people listening every week, podcasts have proven to be a huge hit in the UK, and around the world. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a complete novice, one of the most difficult things about picking out a podcast is the sheer volume of high quality options.

Worry not, though; we asked the team staff to recommend some favourites and they’ve got some great suggestions. Enjoy!

Mothers of Invention

“Mothers Of Invention is a podcast on feminist climate change solutions from (mostly) women around the world. Each episode features the ‘Mothers of Invention’ driving powerful solutions to climate change – from the grassroots to the courtroom, the front lines to the boardroom. It’s great to hear about people’s stories in both the Global South and North. And most importantly, there’s hope and a sense of humour in it”.

Alice, Membership and Office Manager

Mothers of Invention podcast_ press shot
Mothers of Invention podcast_ Mary Robinson Maeve Higgins

How to survive the end of the world

“This US-based podcast is hosted by the amazing Adrienne Maree Brown, an activist, sci-fi writer, poet and thinker on Black Queer Feminism, and her activist sister Autumn Brown. Through humour and grace, the two discuss the challenges and successes of building a climate movement that’s diverse, creative, joyful and radical using TV, film and literary culture. I love this podcast because it blends two of my favourite things – art and activism – and I learn something profound in each episode from these two amazing women”.

Flick, COP26 Logistics Coordinator

Dave & Olly from Sustainababble


“This podcast is a weekly humorous take on what’s going on in the world of environmental campaigning and politics. Even though everything is totally terrible, London-based hosts Olly and Dave bring their silliness and laughter to talk about things like corporate greenwashing, government hypocrisy, and the amazing activism going on everyday across the country. This podcast was my absolute lifeline when I was living in America trying to work out what was happening back in the UK!”

Flick, COP26 Logistics Coordinator

Outrage and Optimism

“Hosted by former UN Chief Christiana Figueres and co-founder of Global Optimism, Tom Rivett-Carnac, this podcast features a different speaker each week and takes an interesting angle on the state of the planet. They talk about ‘stubborn optimism’ and how we must stay resolute in our efforts in tackling climate breakdown. I liked the one with Kevin Rudd, Australian former Prime Minister – it helped me understand the politics of that country and its response to the recent Great Australian Inferno. It’s a really interesting time to be alive and this podcast helps you remember just how pivotal this moment is”

Kerrigan, Development Manager

About Race with Renni Eddo-Lodge

“This podcast features the author behind the book ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’, speaking to key anti-racist activists from the past few decades. I really like how Renni provides engaging and accessible insights into UK race politics, as well as discussions on colonialism, and an introduction into different anti-racist activist groups and campaigners. For me, anti-racism and de-colonialism needs to be at the heart of the fight against climate change, so expanding our understanding of these issues is crucial”.

Catrina, Young Friends of the Earth Coordinator

How to Save the Planet

And last but not least, here is an exciting and (relatively) new podcast from our sister organisation, Friends of the Earth England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

So far, their 9 episodes have looked across various green issues, focusing in on topics like the Climate Strikes, the successful anti-fracking movement in the UK and how to cope with eco-anxiety. Start listening to it now so you can say you were listening before it became a huge hit!

Did we miss something? Post your recommendations in the comments below.