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Energy Strategy: Scottish Government must ‘bite the bullet’ on oil & gas phase out

Scotland needs a fully renewable energy systems by 2030.

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Peterhead Power Station at Night

SSE admits new Peterhead gas plant will belch out more climate pollution

The current Peterhead plant is Scotland’s biggest polluter producing over 1 million tonnes of climate changing gases each year.

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Climate campaigners urge MSPs for a strong Climate Change Bill

Acorn project fails to get funding – Scottish Government must now develop plan to ‘plug the climate gap

Climate campaigners say that instead of being over-reliant on these ‘dangerous distractions’ Ministers should be rolling out climate solutions that will rapidly cut fossil fuel use.

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UK Government ‘ignoring elephant in the room’ of oil and gas production

Environmental campaigners have said that the UK Government needs to address the ‘elephant in the room’ of domestic oil and gas production as it unveils a raft of energy announcements…

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Flares light up the sky at night, Mossmorran, Fife.

Budget: Carbon capture funding is massive handout to polluters

Climate campaigners have said that the UK Government decision to pledge £20 billion over the next 20 years to the carbon capture industry is a ‘massive handout’ to rich oil…

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‘Legacy of failure’ of carbon capture highlighted by climate campaigners

The industry is only succeeding in capturing public money, because it is certainly not capturing carbon. We must stop subsidising these hugely profitable polluters.

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Energy Strategy ‘shies away from the big decisions’

Environmental campaigners have reacted to the Scottish Government’s new Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. Friends of the Earth Scotland’s head of campaigns Mary Church said: “Our current fossil fuelled…

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Hydrogen Action Plan criticised for inefficient and costly technology

Climate campaigners response to the Scottish Government’s new ‘Hydrogen Action Plan’ with concerns about cost, inefficiency and its suitability for key sectors.

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Scotland’s new planning framework undermined by reliance on climate techno-fixes

NPF4 is step in the right direction in tackling the climate emergency it is seriously undermined by an over reliance on carbon capture and hydrogen

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