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Grangemouth closure fears show need for a just transition plan

Climate campaigners have reacted to news of Grangemouth Refinery’s potential closure by 2025 saying the Scottish Government has failed to create credible transition plans with workers at the site. Friends…

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Edinburgh march calls for fast and fair transition away from fossil fuels

Climate campaigners march through Edinburgh to demand the UK and Scottish Governments develop a plan for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels.

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Scottish Climate March to Join Global Day of Action Against Fossil Fuels

The march will demand a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels, to support the workers and the communities most affected.

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Starmer energy speech reaction

Whoever is running the UK must accept the reality that they need to set a clear end date for oil and gas extraction, to give clarity and focus on the transition to a renewable energy future.

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Climate groups call on Scottish Government to surpass Labour on oil and gas phase out

The transition away from fossil fuels is an opportunity for the political leadership that is needed to build a fairer and more equal Scotland.

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Energy Strategy: Scottish Government must ‘bite the bullet’ on oil & gas phase out

Scotland needs a fully renewable energy systems by 2030.

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Oil industry lobbied Scottish Government 200+ times under Sturgeon’s ‘open door policy’ to polluters

Campaigners are calling on Humza Yousaf’s new Government to make a clean break from the old regime and fossil fuel lobbying

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Offshore workers’ demands take on Government inaction and industry profiteering

Workers, climate groups and trade unions back a new plan that would deliver a just transition away from fossil fuels to protect jobs, communities and climate.

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SNP voters back rapid move away from oil & gas, polling shows

First Minister candidates are urged to speed progress towards a fair and fast energy transition for workers and communities

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