Friends of the Earth Scotland supports a Greenpeace action to halt a dangerous oil drilling operation off Greenland.

Juliet Swann, Head of Campaigns, Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“Nothing about Cairn’s operation makes sense, ethically, economically or environmentally. Cairn is using the sale of assets in their Indian operations to Vedanta to fund this work, in the full knowledge that Vedanta have an incredibly poor human rights record.

“Economically, this is a high risk venture. It focuses on a fuel we must move away from if we are to have any chance of a sustainable future. And of course to drill for oil in the most pristine environment on earth is not just a risky business venture, but presents a massive risk to a unique ecology.

“Friends of the Earth Scotland fully supports Greenpeace’s efforts to stop the drilling in the Arctic, and urges Governments to issue a moratorium on this kind of deep sea drilling.”


For media enquiries please contact: Per Fischer, Press Office, Friends of the Earth Scotland t: 0131 243 2719

Notes to editors

Greenpeace press release from 31 August: Arctic drama as Greenpeace halts dangerous oil drilling operation. www.ow.ly/2xci5

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