Reacting to the Scottish Government funding announcement of flood protection for 10,000 homes, Friends of the Earth Scotland Director Dr Richard Dixon commented,

“Today’s announcement will be welcome relief to thousands of people across Scotland who are witnessing first-hand the local weather changes brought about by global climate change. Flooding has a devastating impact on people, communities and businesses. Increasing damage from floods is the most obvious sign of the impact of climate change and the UK Committee on Climate Change warned only last week that governments need to do more.

“Unlike the UK Government, the Scottish Government has kept up consistent funding for flood schemes and today’s long-term commitment is very welcome. However, the scale of the flooding challenge is massive and increasing as more climate change brings higher seas, more storms and more extreme rainfall.
Over the next decade this funding will protect 10,000 homes but the government’s own figures show that there are over 100,000 homes currently at risk of flooding. The pace of investment will need to increase significantly if people are to be properly protected from the misery of being flooded.”


Notes to Editors

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