TOP LINES: June was close to average for temperature and sunshine but considerably drier than an average June.

June statistics:

Average Temperature: 11.6°C which is 0.6°C above the long-term average (1971-2000) Average Rainfall: 56.2mm, which is 34% drier than the long-term averageAverage Sunshine: 161.4hrs, which is 4% higher than the long-term average


Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“On average June was dry but only slightly warmer than the long-term average. However, this average disguises some disappointingly cool weather and some days of very pleasant warmth.

“While Scotland had average weather the US suffered record temperatures, wildfires and continuing drought, and much of central Europe suffered serious flooding. A Met Office conference concluded that UK summers might continue to be soggy for a decade, in part because of the disappearing ice in the Arctic.

“The Scottish Government published its final plan to meet the climate targets between now and 2027, but little has changed from the draft scrutinised by Parliament. Scotland will have to work hard to make sure that this plan is delivered and we meet our annual targets.”

The year so far

January was slightly warmer and drier than average but not very sunny. February was the 4th sunniest February on record and was cool and dry. March was exceptionally cold and dry, being the was the 5th coldest and 6th driest March on record. April was cooler and wetter than average but also very sunny, being the 10th sunniest April on record. May was close to average in temperature and sunshine but 50% wetter than average.



Notes to Editors


1. Data from the Met Office http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/datasets/index.html with further analysis by Friends of the Earth Scotland.

2. FoE Scotland are encouraging people to email the Climate Minister and ask him to strengthen Scotland’s climate plan foes.do/Minister-climate-plan

3. The five warmest years in Scotland since records began are 2006, 2003, 2007, 2004, 2005 (warmest first).

4. FoE Scotland is part of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, an alliance of development, environment and civil society groups aiming for tougher action to reduce emissions