TOP LINES: September 2013 was drier and slightly warmer than the average.

Average Temperature: 11.2°C which is 0.6°C above the long-term average (1971-2000). Average Rainfall: 95.1mm, which is 32% drier than the long-term average.Average Sunshine: 104.9hrs, which is close to the long-term average.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“September was dry and slightly warmer than average and followed the warmest summer since the record-breaking 2006.

“The new IPCC report shows that temperatures are up, polar ice is disappearing and the oceans are getting more acid. Scientists are clear climate change is real, is caused by humans and is already having severe impacts on people and nature. The report also suggests a significant future slowdown in the Atlantic currents that keep Scotland warm. Ironically, Scotland could get cooler while the rest of the world warms up.

“Scotland has world-leading climate targets but we need to try harder to actually meet them. Top priority is increasing the investment in walking and cycling in Scotland’s next budget.”

The year so far

January was slightly warmer and drier than average but not very sunny. February was the 4th sunniest February on record and was cool and dry. March was exceptionally cold and dry, being the 5th coldest and 6th driest March on record. April was cooler and wetter than average but also very sunny, being the 10th sunniest April on record. May was close to average in temperature and sunshine but 50% wetter than average. June was slightly warmer than average. July was the 2nd warmest and 3rd sunniest July ever recorded in Scotland. August was dry with temperatures nearly a degree warmer than average. Summer 2013 was the 7th warmest summer and the warmest since 2006.


Notes to Editors

1. Data from the Met Office http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/datasets/index.html with further analysis by Friends of the Earth Scotland.

2. The five warmest years in Scotland since records began in 1910 are 2006, 2003, 2007, 2004, 2005 (warmest first).

3. FoE Scotland is part of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, an alliance of development, environment and civil society groups aiming for tougher action to reduce emissions