As Holyrood gears up to make changes to the Climate Change Bill, Scottish celebrities have added their voices to the call for a strong climate law.

The four celebrities are backing Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Big Ask Scotland campaign. The charity is calling on the Scottish Government to ensure cuts in climate emissions are made as soon as possible, especially since developing countries with the smallest carbon footprints are often the places that will bear the worst effects of climate change.

Comedian Frankie Boyle commented:
“All of us now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make a difference to the future of the planet. We need to take urgent action on climate change. The politicians are trying, but their proposals are still falling short – it’s up to us to persuade them that they need to toughen up their act on climate change. Join the Big Ask Scotland campaign and you can be part of the change.”

Author Iain Banks explained his reasons for wanting action on climate change:
“I support the campaign because I don’t want future generations to despise the one that I’m part of for its collective greed, stupidity and complacent inaction.  Things are getting desperate and it’s time to act, not just talk.”

Musician KT Tunstall explained:
“There are many things that we can do as individuals to reduce our impact on our environment, but we must insist our politicians to act too. A strong Scottish Climate Change Bill is a vital stepping stone to achieving a fair share of emissions reductions in Scotland, as well as something we as Scots could be really proud of.”

Actor Ford Kiernan stated:
“Climate change of more than 2ºC will have a devastating impact on our planet. We must act now to limit the damage before its too late. Sign up to the Big Ask Scotland campaign to make sure our Government makes a strong Climate Change Bill.”

Friends of the Earth Scotland is urging people to take action by logging onto www.foe-scotland.org.uk/bigaskscotland/takeaction and e-mailing their MSP.


Media contact: Davina Shiell, Friends of the Earth Scotland Tel: 0131 243 2705,
To re-direct to the mobile call 0131 243 2715
Email: dshiell@foe-scotland.org.uk


1. The first amendments to the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill are being considered by the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee on 26 May.

2. Friends of the Earth Scotland exists to help people in Scotland look after the planet for everyone’s future. We think globally and act locally in Scotland, delivering solutions to the problem of climate change by enabling and empowering people to take both individual and collective action. We offer help to people with the big things in life – helping to sustain a healthy society and environment. We believe that all of our children’s futures will be better because of what we do. Friends of the Earth Scotland is an independent Scottish charity SC003442.

3. Friends of the Earth Scotland is part of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, a diverse, growing coalition of organisations campaigning on climate change. The Coalition has 40 Scottish members, representing more than 2 million supporters, ranging from environment and development groups to faith organisations, trade unions, student societies, women’s organisations, business groups, care providers and many more.