Commenting on the content of Donald Trump’s letter to Alex Salmond today (9 February), Stan Blackley, Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“Donald Trump accuses the First Minister of being ‘hell bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline’ yet fails to recognise that he has caused more destruction to that coastline in recent years than any other individual through his stabilising of the dunes at Menie Estate for his puffed-up, posh putting green. Of course, Alex Salmond was complicit in this and might now be regretting having assisted the Trump Organisation with this in the first place.

“The First Minister and the Scottish Government should press on and re-double their efforts towards the transition to a low carbon economy and renewable-powered future for Scotland. Scotland is uniquely placed to realistically achieve this and has more than its fair share of wind, wave and water resource to help make it happen. If an added benefit of doing so is that it sticks two fingers up at Donald Trump, then there’s a considerable added incentive.”


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