Friends of the Earth International was founded 40 years ago, on 15 June 1971, and has since grown into an international federation of diverse grassroots-based environmental organisations in 76 countries around the world with over two million members and supporters.

Friends of the Earth Scotland is one of this global network’s independent member groups, and was established in 1978.

Stan Blackley, Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“Looking back over the last four decades of campaigning for the environment, it is clear that the work done by Friends of the Earth International and all of its national member groups and activists has been both successful and required, and is more vital than ever.

“We have undoubtedly changed the world for the better. We have protected the environment and we have helped to bring sustainability issues into the mainstream. A great deal of progress has been made. However, it seems that environmental problems just won’t go away. As one problem is solved, new ones appear or old ones develop into something new or different because of the cynical and unsustainable activities of big business and the hold it has over lazy governments.

“Climate change, environmental injustice and a land-grabbing for the rush to grow bio-fuels are urgent issues that require immediate, tough action, and the Friends of the Earth International network will continue to fight, as it has done for forty years now, to protect the planet and its people, and to create a world in which every person can enjoy a fair share of the planet’s resources.”


For media enquiries, please contact: Per Fischer, Press Office, Friends of the Earth Scotland
t: 0131 243 2719

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