Commenting on Scottish Labour’s announcement today (31 October) on coal power, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Chief Executive Duncan McLaren said:

“Scotland needs neither new nor replacement fossil fired or nuclear power stations, even if electricity demand grows to fuel electric vehicles and heating. Renewables can more than replace existing nuclear, coal and gas power as it closes down. By 2030 we can be generating well over 100% of our electricity needs on an annual basis, and ensuring secure supply with improved interconnection and increased energy storage.

“Friends of the Earth Scotland welcomes Labour’s continued opposition to the Hunterston coal proposal. We look forward to Labour members of North Ayrshire Council voting for the council to object to this development.

“Friends of the Earth Scotland supports the Longannet CCS proposal, but as a contribution to the development of a globally useful technology, and a potentially valuable CO2 storage industry in Scotland, utilising old oil and gas fields in the North Sea; rather than as an essential part of Scotland’s electricity supply.

“A genuinely low carbon and sustainable energy policy for Scotland must focus on energy saving and renewable energy.”


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Notes to Editors

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