The independent chair of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum, Graham Blount, has resigned in protest at the Scottish Government’s lack of consultation with the Forum. 

Reacting to the resignation news, Chas Booth from the Association for the Conservation of Energy, said,

“Coming just weeks after the Scottish Government slashed fuel poverty spending by a third, this resignation shows that the Government’s fuel poverty policy is in complete disarray. No Government can expect to tackle fuel poverty if it cuts funding to the most vulnerable and ignores the views of its own expert panel.”

Juliet Swann, Head of Projects and Campaigns at Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“The Fuel Poverty Forum has consistently asked Government for more information to be made available so we can judge the success of a multi-million pound programme. To find we are been given less rather than more information frankly beggars belief.

Swann continued:

“Graham was a committed chair of the forum, and not a man to make decisions lightly. That even he has come to the decision that the forum is not being listened to and that his time is better spent elsewhere indicates the lack of respect he feels Government have shown for this unique gathering of experts.”

Friends of the Earth Scotland and the Association for the Conservation of Energy are both members of the Forum.


Notes to editors

Copies of the resignation letter available on request.

The Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) is a lobbying, campaigning and policy research organisation, and has worked in the field of energy efficiency since 1981. Our lobbying and campaigning work represents the interests of our membership: major manufacturers and distributors of energy saving equipment in the United Kingdom. ACE is a member of both Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum. More info from our website:

The Fuel Poverty Forum consists of organisations with a close interest in ending fuel poverty in Scotland. Its remit is to monitor implementation of fuel poverty programmes and advise Ministers on further action required. More information here:

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