Commenting on the news today (26 June 2012) that Ayrshire Power is withdrawing its planning application for a new coal power station at Hunterston, Per Fischer, Communications Officer, Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“It’s great news that Ayrshire Power has finally pulled the plug on their Hunterston coal plans. the local community and thousands of people across Scotland opposed the development and the council objected to the plans.

“Finally Peel Energy has made the right decision. This was the wrong project in the wrong place and it should never rear its head again. This is fantastic news for the local community and our environment.”


Notes to editors

There have been around 21,000 objections to the Hunterston coal plant proposals, making this the most unpopular application ever in Scotland.

The campaign against the Hunterston coal-fired power station proposal is supported by a broad coalition of environment and faith groups, including RSPB Scotland, WWF Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Planning Democracy, Christian Aid, Church of Scotland, Oxfam, World Development Movement Scotland, and Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston (CONCH).

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