Climate campaigners have responded to the Scottish Government’s new ‘Hydrogen Action Plan’ by questioning the suitability of hydrogen for most sectors and highlighting the cost and inefficiency of the technology.

Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Climate Campaigner Alex Lee said:

“Hydrogen is inefficient, faces costly technical barriers and is unnecessary or unsuitable in most sectors. Evidence shows that blue hydrogen made with fossil gas, which Ministers want to label as low-carbon, doesn’t deliver meaningful cuts to climate emissions.”

“It is welcome that the Scottish Government has heeded the overwhelming scientific consensus on the inefficiency and high cost of using hydrogen to heat our homes. It looks like that this will not be a priority in Scotland but the Plan still suggests that the Scottish Government may attempt to blend hydrogen into the gas grid and potentially invest in ‘hydrogen ready’ boilers in new build homes. The Plan also backs hydrogen buses and cars despite the fact electric vehicles are streets ahead in terms of efficiency and public awareness.”

“The Government still seems to be falling for industry spin that dodgy technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage and Direct Air Capture will cut climate pollution. For decades carbon capture has failed to work at the scale promised and the few plants that have been built have been plagued by technical problems and closures. It’s time the Scottish Government accepted that carbon capture is not the magical solution it hopes and focused its energies on measures to cut emissions in the here and now.“

“The forthcoming Energy Strategy is a chance for the Scottish Government to invest in solutions we know actually work like heat pumps and insulating homes that can help people in Scotland with their bills and unlike dodgy hydrogen help us tackle climate change.”


Scottish Government press release https://www.gov.scot/news/realising-hydrogens-potential/

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Friends of the Earth Scotland report on the role of Hydrogen in Scotland https://foe.scot/resource/report-hydrogens-role-in-scotlands-climate-journey/

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