Statement by Friends of the Earth International in reaction to the French government ban of the Paris climate justice mobilizations due to the heightened security situation

PARIS, FRANCE, November 20, 2015 – Reacting to the Nov. 18 French government announcement that planned climate mobilizations are banned, Friends of the Earth International chairperson Jagoda Munic said:

“Friends of the Earth International expresses its condolences to families and friends of victims of terrorism in Paris, and we extend our solidarity to all the people affected by violence and terrorism. 

“We stand for a sustainable world of justice and peace, where people live life in dignity, enjoy freedom of expression, in respect for future generations and the environment, with kindness towards strangers and refugees. To fulfill this dream we need not to succumb to fear but act against violence, militarization and Islamophobia.

“Since the tragic attacks in Paris, the French government has unfortunately clamped down on civil liberties, announcing a state of emergency and canceling planned mobilizations for climate justice. But peoples’ voices will not be shut down. We are determined to ensure that the much-needed peoples’ call for climate justice will be heard loud and clear.

“The new agreement politicians will adopt at the Paris climate conference will almost certainly fail to stop catastrophic climate change. 

“We are telling those who were planning to travel to Paris on Dec. 11-12 not to change their plans. We are exploring creative ways to modify our climate justice mobilizations in order to comply with the new security measures because the final word must be from the people, not politicians or polluters.

“Our plans for mobilizations in Paris will be modified, but the movement for climate justice will continue to grow with demonstrations, marches, and gatherings planned for 2016 and beyond.

“All those in Paris on December 3 are invited to the Pinocchio climate awards ceremony where we will expose the corporations undermining climate action.” she concluded. [1] 


[1] Voting for Pinocchio awards is open on http://www.pinocchio-awards.org