In bid to persuade Scottish communities to ‘love’ fracking, Ineos will embark on a series of meetings across the country. Ineos wants to be the biggest player in fracking in the UK and they will engage in a huge public relations exercise to achieve this goal.

We already know that fracking poses serious risks to our health and the environment, is unnecessary for our energy needs and faces enormous public opposition. Through these meetings, Scottish communities will have a chance to debunk Ineos’ myths and inflated figures and send a clear message that they don’t want fracking.

The first of INEOS's community meetings is taking place in just a few weeks – here are some resources you might find useful, or want to share with folk thinking of attending them:

A short briefing on Unconventional Gas and Fracking: Unsafe, Unnecessary and Unwanted

A short myth buster: Why Shale Gas and Coalbed Methane are not all they’re Fracked up to be

A short briefing picking apart some of the numbers INEOS have been bandying about: Dirty Frackers, Dodgy Numbers, INEOS and the ‘Shale Belt’ of Scotland

You can also read this blog by our Director Richard Dixon which digests some of those numbers.

Our fracking webpage also has some basic up-to-date info about where things are with unconventional gas and fracking, as well as links to more detailed info: here


Times and dates of INEOS's meetings:

Denny, Denny High School, 16 April, 7-9 pm
Alloa, Alloa Town Hall, 21 April, 7-9 pm
Falkirk, Falkirk High School, 22 April, 7-9 pm
Kilsyth, Kilsyth Academy, 23 April, 7-9 pm
Bishopbriggs, Bishopbriggs Academy, 27 April, 7-9 pm
Cumbernauld, Greenfaulds High School, 30 April, 7-9 pm

Register to attend these meetings on the Ineos website