Friends of the Earth Scotland warmly welcomes the Scottish Government’s announcement of licences to generate marine renewable energy from wave and tidal off Scotland’s coast.

Friends of the Earth Scotland comment

Renewable energy development on this scale will be beneficial for jobs and our economy as well as helping tackle climate change.

Duncan McLaren, Friends of the Earth Scotland Chief Executive, said:

“It is somewhat ironic that the announcement came on the same day that an application for planning permission for an unnecessary new coal-fired plant at Hunterston was lodged. The total generating capacity of this first licencing round comes close to the current operating load of the Hunterston nuclear power station.

“The tidal and wave developments further vindicates the findings in the ‘Power of Scotland Renewed’ report that Scotland could become independent of coal and nuclear power by 2030.

“Friends of the Earth Scotland recognizes that large scale renewables can have serious environmental impacts, and that we know less about the marine environment than Scotland’s land. We therefore welcome the ‘deploy and monitor’ approach proposed in this licencing round, and call for assurances that detailed monitoring will be undertaken, and evidence of negative impacts addressed through immediate remedial action.”


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Notes to Editors

Power of Scotland Renewed report: By 2030 renewable energy can meet between 60% and 143% of Scotland’s projected annual electricity demand, depending of the level of investment in energy saving and new renewables. The report, based on research by independent energy analysts Garrad Hassan, was published by Friends of the Earth Scotland in 2009. www.foe-scotland.org.uk/powerofscotlandrenewed

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