Climate campaigners have welcomed news that the Scottish Government has abandoned its plans to scrap Air Departure Tax on flights in Scotland. It comes one week after the First Minister declared a ‘climate emergency’ at the SNP conference.

Friends of the Earth Scotland Director Dr Richard Dixon commented,

“This change of heart is excellent news. When you are in a Climate Emergency the first thing you should do is stop all the things that will make the situation worse. The government’s own figures show that removing ADT would have resulted in a significant increase in emissions, equivalent to putting 30,000 extra cars on our roads. Cancelling the ADT cut demonstrates that declaring a Climate Emergency was a serious commitment, more than just words.

This decision would help keep climate emissions down, support public finance and send an important signal that Scotland is serious about climate change. Clearly the next logical step is to start mapping out the phase out of the North Sea oil industry.

“Edinburgh Airport has accused the government of hypocrisy but it would have been hypocrisy to have proceed with cutting ADT while talking of a Climate Emergency.”


1. Scottish government scraps air tax cut

2. First Minister declares a ‘climate emergency’ at SNP Conference

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