Friends of the Earth Scotland has welcomed the Scottish Parliament’s vote to ban fracking on the grounds that it is incompatible with Scotland’s climate targets this afternoon.

Head of Campaigns, Mary Church said:

“It’s great that the Scottish Parliament has voted to ban fracking and sent this clear message to the Government to get on and do it. It is also clear from today’s vote that there is a growing consensus that stopping climate change means we have to say no to new fossil fuels like fracked gas.

“The many SNP MSPs who stood on an anti-fracking platform in the Holyrood election are clearly feeling the pressure on this important issue.

“We look forward to greater urgency from the Scottish Government in ending the uncertainty for communities faced with unconventional fossil fuel extraction across Scotland.”

Labour, Green and Lib Dem members voted for an amended motion to ban fracking and other forms of unconventional fossil fuels, while SNP members abstained and Conservatives voted against. The motion is non-binding on the Scottish Government, which has put a moratorium on shale gas, coalbed methane and underground coal gasification.