Responding to news that a second oil leak has been discovered from an offshore platform in the North Sea, Per Fischer, Communications Officer at Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“It beggars belief that we are still being drip-fed information and that Shell’s initially ‘insignificant’ leak is still causing problems.

“It is ironic that despite the righteous anger and questions that Friends of the Earth Scotland and others are asking of Shell, the information they have made available is actually vastly better than what was offered to the people of Nigeria, where Shell for a long time denied any responsibility for endless oil spills.

“Just a few weeks ago Shell finally admitted liability for two massive spills in Bodo and Ogoniland, which it is estimated will take 20 years to clean up.

“For decades, oil companies have acted with impunity when it comes to the environment. At a time when we could be using the skills learnt through oil exploitation to advance our renewable energy resources, we should be placing much higher standards of operation on companies like Shell.”


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Shell detects second leak under North Sea

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