Commenting on the news that the British Geological Survey have reported increased shale gas reserves, Friends of the Earth Scotland Campaigns Co-ordinator Mary Church said:

“It doesn’t matter how much shale gas is under our feet because the fact is it isn’t safe to burn it. We already know of five times more fossil fuels than we can burn without causing catastrophic climate change, so it doesn’t make sense to keep looking for even more.

“Fracking is expensive and risky. Even the Government’s own advisers are not convinced that it is possible, let alone safe, to extract this gas.”

“The Government should focus instead on making the most of our plentiful renewable resources.”

Friends of the Earth Scotland is calling for a ban on all unconventional gas extraction and fracking because of the climate and local environmental and health risks associated with the industry.


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1. UK shale gas resources ‘greater than thought’

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