Commenting on the news that Donald Trump is set to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Director Dr Richard Dixon said:

“Donald Trump seems intent on ripping up US relationships with the rest of the world and rolling back decades of progress on social and environmental issues. Trump is the only world leader who denies climate change and he has made the US a climate pariah but the world will make progress despite them.

“Trump is the President that the fossil fuel industry has been waiting for. But he is too late because market forces are already ensuring that the fossil fuel industry is in terminal decline. Far from creating an economic resurgence, Trump’s actions mean US industries will lose out to the green technologies coming from Europe and China. Already solar and wind energy are cheaper than coal or gas power, and electric cars and household power batteries will soon be commonplace.”

“While Trump takes the US backwards, in Scotland we are looking to increase our ambition with a new climate bill expected later this year. We are living in what’s been dubbed decade zero for the planet as we face the greatest crisis humanity has ever known. The choices we make now will determine whether our planet can continue to sustain life as we know it. In Scotland we have a chance to demonstrate that it is possible to cut our carbon emissions and at the same time create a fairer and more equal society. With strong action on climate change, we can send a strong message of hope and do our fair share in the global community. [3]

Dr Dixon continued:“The world is already suffering from 1C of temperature rise and 2016 was the hottest year on record. Through his denial of the scientific facts of climate change, Trump is showing that he doesn’t care for millions of the poorest people who are endangered by rising seas, droughts and floods. His monstrous stance on climate change, and his divisive and racist policies should be condemned unequivocally by all political leaders.” [5]


Notes to Editors

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