Climate campaigners have reacted to the latest Scottish Programme for Government saying that “warm words won’t stop a warming planet.”

Friends of the Earth Scotland climate and energy campaigner Caroline Rance commented,

“This is an underwhelming programme for more of the same when what is needed a radical change that can speed Scotland away from the damage being wrought by fossil fuel companies.

“The First Minister talked a good game about the importance of climate action and a just transition to net zero, but warm words won’t stop a warming planet.

“The climate emergency demands scaled up action that rapidly shifts us away from fossil fuels, prioritises public transport and puts in a credible plan in place to support workers in the transition from the oil industry to good, green jobs.”

Speeding up of renewables planning process

Rance commented,

“It’s a positive step that the process for onshore renewables will be quickened up but sites must still be environmentally appropriate, and far more work is needed to ensure that local communities can benefit from developments in their area.

Single use vapes

Friends of the Earth Scotland circular economy campaigner Kim Pratt

“The evidence that single use vapes are harmful to young people and polluting our environment is overwhelming. Businesses have been allowed to put profit before their obligations to provide safe disposal service for these products. The quickest and surest way to end the harm caused by single use vapes is to ban them.

“While consultation on a ban is welcome, we don’t have time to change our economy one product at a time. From wasteful plastic packaging to phones that can’t be fixed, and harmful products like single use vapes, everything we own needs to become more sustainable. That’s why the Circular Economy Bill is so important because it must transform our economic systems so that all materials are used sustainably.”

Circular Economy Bill

Friends of the Earth Scotland circular economy campaigner Kim Pratt commented,

“Scotland’s material use is more than twice sustainable levels. The Circular Economy Bill is an important opportunity for Scotland to change the way it uses materials by making businesses design products with less materials, encourage repair and reuse and limit harmful single use products. The Circular Economy Bill must be as strong as possible to create the system change that we need, including strong targets for reducing our consumption and consideration of the social impacts of material use.”

Notes to Editors

Programme for Government announcement https://www.gov.scot/news/growing-the-economy-and-tackling-poverty/

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