This briefing, sent ahead of a Parliamentary debate on the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery’s report, sets out why Friends of the Earth Scotland believes that the report falls far short of creating the vision for a green recovery and wellbeing economy that the Scottish Government is aiming for. 

The Scottish Government’s economic recovery plans must be bolder, with decarbonising our economy as a central pillar running throughout all activities, and detailed measures to create quality green jobs while tackling poverty and pollution. 

The briefing sets out some proposals in the report that could support a Just and Green Recovery, but only if the Scottish Government adopts them with an explicit focus on a Just Transition, as well as additional measures not featured in the report – arguing that the Scottish Government needs to:

  • Commit public investment in green job creation programmes, such as through a Publicly Owned Energy Company and a national home energy efficiency retrofit programme
  • Develop a new economic strategy, which delivers a Just Transition
  • Increase mobility by improving our transport system