Our Community Power campaign aims to mobilise people to develop their own renewable solutions to their energy needs. It provides investment and public support for renewables projects and encourages people to think about their relationship with energy.

Community-owned projects could transform our energy system. Successful examples from across Europe show the benefits in reducing carbon emissions and energy bills whilst instilling a sense of pride in their collective achievements. 

Our report Community Power Scotland: From Remote Island Grids to Urban Solar Co-operatives highlights some of the key challenges and the sometimes unexpected benefits of these schemes. It also includes some recommendations for policy and legislative changes that will enable Scottish communities to play a leading role in the transition to a clean, green, fair energy system.

As part of the Community Power campaign we have produced short videos which tell the stories of local projects where people have taken control of their energy futures. These films feature community energy schemes from all across Scotland and involve different technologies, communities and even includes examples from this case study.  To watch these films click here 

Click here to see more examples of successful Community Power projects from across Europe.