The Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan (ESJTP) will have a huge impact on the future of Scotland’s energy industry.

FoES have produced two briefings – a 2 page and a 6 page version – outlining what we want to see in the ESJTP and how it can work to create a greener, fairer Scotland.


The Scottish Government’s revised Energy Strategy will be published against a backdrop of worsening climate impacts, skyrocketing energy bills and record-breaking oil industry profits. The new strategy and accompanying Just Transition Plan will set the direction of travel for Scotland’s energy system during this crucial decade of action on the climate crisis. It is essential that the ESJTP charts a clear path away from our broken fossil fuel energy system, to a climate-safe future with clean, affordable renewable energy for all.

Crucially, it should:
● Set an end date for fossil fuels and committing to phasing out oil and gas production within this decade;
● Reject new fossil fuel infrastructure and any role for CCS or hydrogen in the energy system;
● Focus on demand reduction and demonstrate how the material demands of the future energy system can be met sustainably;
● Prioritise public and active travel investment alongside renewable heat and large scale insulation programmes to tackle the climate crisis and reduce inequalities;
● Establish a national energy company, support councils to develop more locally-owned renewables, and make community ownership accessible for all;
● Ensure the involvement of workers and their trade unions and impacted communities in the development of plans to deliver on the ambitions of the ESJTP.