Briefing ahead of the Scottish Parliament debate on Wednesday 24th April 2019 ‘A Green New Deal for Scotland’

Key Points include:
• The Climate Emergency requires bold, systemic changes, including shifting our economies away from fossil fuels
• Green New Deal describes transforming the economy in a way which rapidly reduces carbon emissions, delivering large scale investment in green infrastructure, and providing broad public benefits.
• These elements are also key to Just Transition, a concept that has gained wide support in this Parliament, but Just Transition also requires that the transition must be planned and managed in a way that ensures workers and communities currently dependent on high carbon industries are not left behind.
• To successfully transition to a green economy, principles of a Just Transition must be embedded across Government portfolios and economic priorities, and in the Climate Change Bill, the Scottish National Investment Bank and the publicly owned energy company


'Green New Deal' Briefing for a Scottish Parliament debate.Download