Following the publication of the Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Action Plan, this briefing gives an overview of the different types of hydrogen production and considerations for their use in Scotland:

● Blue hydrogen is not low carbon and relies on speculative Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) technology which has historically been over-promised and undelivered. Relying on CCS runs the risk of missing important emission reduction targets. Blue hydrogen should not be developed in Scotland.
● Relying on large scale use of hydrogen risks locking us into a high-carbon, fossil fuel future, and missed climate targets, if it doesn’t materialise.
● Green hydrogen might be appropriate for hard to decarbonise sectors such as heavy industry but not for heat or light transport.
● The main focus for renewable electricity must be on directly meeting demand across homes, buildings, transport and heating where other more efficient options exist such as heat pumps, direct electrification, energy efficiency and electric buses.