Friends of the Earth Scotland has deep concerns about large scale plans to develop hydrogen in Scotland. The following brief outlines that:

  • Blue Hydrogen (from gas) should not be developed or relied upon to decrease emissions due to its reliance on both fossil fuels and unproven Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) technology.
  • Hydrogen in heating is a distraction from more readily available options such as better home insulation and heat pumps.
  • Hydrogen in transport is an inefficient and expensive use of renewable electricity, which should be used to directly power electric vehicles rather than converting electricity to hydrogen power.
  • Scotland should be aiming for 100% domestic generation (not just consumption as per the current target) of renewable electricity by 2030. Priority in the first instance should be on increasing generation of renewable electricity, rather than directing renewable electricity to make hydrogen.
  • The main focus for renewable electricity must be on directly meeting demand across homes, buildings, transport and heating with only surplus electricity used to make green hydrogen.