The Just Transition Partnership 2021 Manifesto for all political parties ahead of the Scottish Parliament election in May 2021.

The Partnership is demanding that parties lay out concrete plans for the delivery of a Just Transition for workers, communities and the climate by:

  • Providing immediate support to workers facing redundancy in green industries or in the North Sea by supporting green public transport, investing in renewable infrastructure and introducing a Green Public Works programme.
  • Tackling the root causes of the ‘unjust transition’ by ensuring conditionality on jobs and emissions reductions for government support to the private sector and establishing new public energy and infrastructure companies to drive transformative progress.
  • Ensuring the transition is planned for the long-term across the economy with targets for decarbonisation, investment and job creation; and provide confidence to the workers and communities by bringing their voices into the decision making process.

Now is the time for all political parties to commit to turning rhetoric into genuine action, as what we are enduring now is  “an unjust transition.” 

Read the Partnership’s joint statement on just transition from 2017