Overall recommendations

the Plan should say how much carbon reduction each proposal and policy is supposed to deliver over time

at least for the earlier years, the Plan should spell out the level of investment needed to deliver the proposals and policies so that a comparison with annual budgets is possible

the Plan should include an overall commentary on the potential consequences of Brexit

a remit for the proposed new governance group should be published and its authority clarified

the future of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Climate Change should be clarified

the Plan should be used as the foundation of an industrial plan which marshals the investment needed for a just transition away from fossil fuels in order to deliver a fairer and more equal Scotland

Sector specific recommendations

the input of transport figures to the TIMES model should be recalculated with more realistic assumptions about traffic levels instead of on a fantasy 'predict and provide' basis

the Plan needs to include policies which will help people choose walking and cycling for short journeys, and buses and trains for longer journeys, instead of cars, including increasing active travel funding from 2% to 10% of the overall transport budget

workplace parking levies and parking charges at large retail car parks should be included and other demand management measures should be modelled and included

Scotland should aim higher on the transition to electric vehicles, as recommended by UKCCC and in line with other leading European nations

the original plan to equip the TIMES with its own transport modelling component should be delivered, so that TIMES itself can compare technological and demand management options

further effort is needed to maximise the community ownership of renewable energy schemes covered by the 'community and locally-owned' target

plans to replace fossil fuel heating systems with low carbon alternatives should start earlier

the Plan should commit to upgrading Scotland's homes to an EPC rating of 'C' by 2025

the industrial sector should not be allowed to rely on the EU ETS, and the Plan needs to spell out actions which will reduce emissions for Scotland's largest industrial plants