Our Power: Offshore workers’ demands for a just energy transition demands 8-10 sit under the theme ‘Our Energy’.

Many of the workers we spoke to were from or lived in Aberdeen, a place that is described as ‘the oil and gas capital of Europe’. Workers were clear that their communities haven’t seen the benefits of the huge amount of money flowing in and out of the city. Like many people living in towns overly-reliant on one industry, they worried their area would be left behind when industry conditions changed.

All workers were clear on the need to invest in communities, reduce levels of private profit and stop selling off the UK energy industry to the highest bidder.

‘Our Energy’ demands capture the need to build a better energy industry, one that works for everyone. The demands seek to address the impacts of an almost wholly privatised energy industry, and the damage that has been done to society as a whole, not just to those working within the industry.

Demands 8-10 offer the vision for an energy industry that is owned by, answerable to, and beneficial for the people working in and relying on it.