Scotland could phase out all fossil fuel and nuclear power by 2030, maintain a secure electricity supply and generate significant revenue from renewable exports, according to new research by one of the world’s leading energy consultants, Garrad Hassan.

[img_assist|nid=1031|title=Power of Scotland Secured cover picture|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=470|height=322]It’s now widely recognised that renewables could grow to comfortably exceed our electricity demand by 2020.  But The Power of Scotland Secured shows that, contrary to popular myth, the variability of renewable power need not threaten the security of supply in Scotland, even in the context of a full phase out of conventional thermal power.

In fact, the transmission infrastructure required to keep the lights on at times of low renewables output will be easily justified by the value of exports which it will make possible at times of high output. 

Moreover, if home heating and transport are electrified in line with the recommendations in this analysis, and modest demand management achieved, a 100% renewable grid system in Scotland could make overall household ‘triple fuel’ bills lower than in conventional scenarios.

This research was commissed by Friends of the Earth Scotland, and the summary published with generous assistance from WWF and RSPB.

Download a summary of the research for policy makers.
Download the full original report by Paul Gardner.