In our response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation, we noted our full support the principle of LEZs, but note that for LEZs to be a success in Scotland:

  • The Government needs to restrict buses, vans, and lorries from the outset, followed by cars and taxis.
  • The Government needs to provide funding for infrastructure to be installed, buses to be scrapped/retrofitted, and for councils to run strong communications campaigns to support the delivery of LEZs.
  • LEZs need to be enforced using ANPR technology to create a legacy that can be built upon so cities can be fit to phase out diesel and petrol vehicles altogether.
  • The bus sector should be re-regulated to allow for Councils to have the chance to exert greater controls over bus emission standards and prices (and we are responding to the consultation on local bus services in parallel to this consultation).
  • LEZs need to be introduced in tandem with measures to support modal shift away from the car and to walking, cycling, and using public transport.

Read our full response below.


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